For the next fifteen weeks, join Levi Gulliver for a poetic encounter with poetry. Levi will choose fifteen poems from 30 Poems to Memorize (Before It’s Too Late). Students will memorize five of the poems for recitation, and students will experience each poem through extensive reading. The goal of this course is not to analyze poems or to classify poems but to love poems.

Every third-week students will submit a recording of their memorized recitation. To provide unity to this short course, Levi will lead the class in the same opening catechism each week, and all students will memorize the same five poems. 

This class will gather live on Zoom, and students will submit recitation recordings through Canvas. 

Suggested Age: 14-18 years old

Prerequisites: None

Required Texts:  30 Poems to Memorize (Before Its Too Late)

Registration Numbers: Minimum 3, Maximum 12