During the summer, join Kirstie Ruffatto for a poetic encounter with beauty. Kirstie will choose four paintings, and the class will spend two weeks exploring each painting. During the two weeks per painting, the class will narrate what they see in words and in drawings. The point here is not to become a painter, but to become a better seer of the paintings, to love what is lovable.

During the two week cycle per painting, week one will be spent narrating the painting to one another in class while recreating the painting at home with props and submitting a photo for homework. Week two will be spent narrating the painting through drawing and then exploring the painting's artist and history in class while the homework will be to submit a drawing from memory. The focus of the drawing is not the student's art skills, rather the focus is on the student recalling all of the essential elements in the composition.

Suggested Age: 14-18 years old

Prerequisites: None

Required Texts: None

Registration Numbers: Maximum 4; Maximum 14