What Folks Are Saying


By Kim from Oregon
I'm a LTW newbie, but I have a few things to share. Because I have younger students, 11 and 9, the only other writing programs that I have used are Bauer's Writing with Ease and Pudewa's IEW. Both have been very valuable in our homeschooling career. Last year we began exploring LTW. Like IEW, LTW has continued to help us organize our thoughts and express our thoughts clearly. But what I've found unique about LTW is that it nurtures the will and the mind. By helping the student develop decision making skills, LTW strengthens the will in the student. By helping the student think carefully and critically about his decisions, LTW strengthens the mind of the student. LTW has changed our lives. LTW is now our core curriculum. We use it in every subject. A friend wrote that her son is a heavy reader but it is difficult for him to come up with a topic and get his information from head to pencil. I can testify that LTW is exactly what you need to remedy this problem. Your son will like LTW because it will help  relieve this frustration. [that potential customer] also wrote that [her[ son likes to think critically. I can testify that LTW honors and nurtures this God-given ability. Your  son will like LTW because it will make him more human.

By Cathy from Houston
Oh glorious morning!  My nine-year-old daughter just came to me in confusion.  She was being asked to find the perimeter of a square one side of which was 34″.  Rather than answer her question, I decided to use the topics of invention to help her discover the answer (they’re fresh in my mind, as I am teaching lesson 2 ‘Invention’ tomorrow).“What is a square?” I asked her.  ”What are its parts?” “How is a square like a rectangle?”, “How is a square different from a rectangle?” It wasn’t long before a glorious smile spread across her face.  ”OOOHHHHH!” she said through her priceless grin.  ”I get it!” Today’s motto: “The 5 Topics . . . they’re not just for writing anymore!” Thank you Andrew and Camille, & Renee, & Buck, & David & the list goes on . . . for putting together these powerful tools of THINKING and making them so accessible to us all!                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

By Sandi R
My son is 14, has been homeschooled his entire life (9 years), until this year when he began 9th grade at Jesuit High School. I taught the LTW course to him last year with a small group of his peers. He now has a LOT of homework every night – about 3-4 hours/night (at least) – and it seems more on weekends. He has to do a fair amount of writing for his classes. He has shared that the biggest thing that has helped him make this transition is the writing class from last year (LTW). The fact that he can type is also quite helpful as he literally whips out the papers. Right now, most of his papers are only 1-2 pages long, but he often has to turn them around in just one day. They will be getting formal writing instruction, but for now they are doing shorter writing assignments for the most part along with some great vocabulary work, grammar review/instruction and literature (in the English class). (I think they want to make sure that all of the students are grounded in the basics before moving forward with the formal writing instruction.)
I am very grateful that he has the foundation of LTW and continues to use the tools.

By Renee from TN
I have also used the Bible as our source text this year with LTW. We are in Genesis. It is AMAZING how the word of God which has been read and spoken aloud to my boys these past 15 years has come ALIVE with new eyes using LTW. THANK YOU Andrew for your enthusiasm and affirmation to use the Bible as our source text and NOT rush!!! I was so unsure because it wasn't a "novel" per say which I can check off for their college prep achievements. I believe the impact will only make their reading of excellent "novels" more rich and in a clear understanding of scripture. We are jazzed!!!

By Lynn
Hello LTW users - A quick and well deserved applause to all who reorganized the materials for the new edition, Level I. Thank you! This is my second year using the materials with a small group of high school students. Last year, we covered through lesson 6 in Level I. The appendix of chapter reviews were a great help in putting together a 2 week review of all the skills covered last year. That same section is also helping me organize the rest of the year. The teacher's manual in general is much easier to use both for classroom planning and as a reference. As an aside, this same group of students attended a debate camp over the summer and on several occassions they whispered to each other that the debate organization was no big deal . . . it's just LTW - the verbal version.

By a Student who learned to write using LTW
It is my personal belief that anyone who takes this course will improve their writing. I have been taking this course for almost a year, and I have recently looked over my stories from before this class. I feel that my writing has improved by several levels. Anyone who learns what is to be taught in The Lost Tools of Writing will notice these changes as well, and they will be able to understand more complex literature. I have started reading Anna Karenina, and other classics, and they make sense. I blame my understanding on this class. It is one of the best classes to take, and I would recommend it to anyone.