What to Expect

The Lost Tools of Writing™ follows a classical approach to writing. This means you will learn terms like "canons", "topics", "schemes", "tropes", and many more. Each new term will be introduced one at a time and in a way that makes it easy to understand and use. 

Additionally, The Lost Tools of Writing™ follows a classical approach to pedagogy, or the way students learn. Each lesson is structured on what the ancients described as the inductive, or the didactic (from “didaskein,” skilled teaching), mode of instruction. You will lead your students from particular instances (types, or examples) to universal ideas (concepts) through the stages of the trivium as described by Dorothy Sayers in her essay, “The Lost Tools of Learning”.

You may fear that The Lost Tools of Writing™ is a very complicated program. Be at rest. We offer detailed lesson guides and provide several avenues of support (see the red "find help" button in the side bar to the right). We will be with you every step of the way. You will be pleasantly surprised by how simple it is to teach the complex ideas that are the tools of writing when you break them down to simpler ideas and teach them one at a time. That is what The Lost Tools of Writing™ enables you to do.

Through the systematic step-by-step approach that follows you will guide your students down a path of depth and breadth unlike any they can follow with any other approach to writing.