In Shakespeare’s plays, we encounter themes of power, love, revenge, sacrifice, and forgiveness. These themes are played out by strong characters that challenge us to ask whether their actions are justified. Using the unforgettable characters of Shakespeare alongside Lost Tools of Writing II, students will contemplate justice by learning to write the judicial address. New tools learned in Level II equip students to consider evidence, motivation, and laws to determine the appropriateness of punishment. Ultimately, the student will be learning to search for the truth, listen to the opposition, and disagree with respect. 

Covering the categories of tragedy, comedy, and history, we will read The Tempest, Henry V, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. LTW Level II will bring Shakespeare’s characters to life.

Suggested Age: 14 years old and up

Prerequisites: Successful completion of LTW Level One

Required Texts:

Registration numbers: Minimum 4; Maximum 14