Mission & Vision Valor’s mission is to educate the whole person for authentic freedom and a full human life. Our educational vision is grounded in the classical tradition, which identifies wisdom and virtue as the ultimate goals of education. In all facets of school life, we invite students to enter into the mystery of existence by inspiring them to pursue what is true, good, and beautiful within an authentic community. Our motto, Sapientia per Admirationem, speaks to our identity as an institution concerned with the preservation and promotion of wonder. This vision saturates the entire life of our schools, from curriculum and pedagogy to classroom order and special events. All Valor students read and discuss the Great Books, take advanced math and science courses, study Latin, engage meaningfully with their external community, care for plants and animals, explore the fine arts, and have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular clubs and competitive athletics. In conjunction with rigorous academics, Valor is committed to building a transformative school culture filled with joy, respect, and deep engagement. Valor’s teachers and school leaders inspire students to pursue excellence in all areas of their lives and reach their fullest potential. Our K-12 tuition-free charter schools operate with an entrepreneurial mindset. We are looking for Headmasters who share our love of classical education and civic renewal, who desire to learn from our experienced leadership team, and who feel called to be creative and powerful leaders of students and teachers. What We Stand For Wisdom and Virtue Truth, Goodness, and Beauty Human Dignity Wonder and Inquiry Friendship and Community Attentiveness and Presence Honest, Open Communication Continuous Learning and Growth Valor Hiring Profile Mission & vision alignment Subject matter expertise Strength of character Love of learning Commitment to professional growth Humility & receptivity to coaching Practical wisdom Aptitude/fit for working with students Classroom leadership capacity Commitment to collaboration and team unity Strong work ethic and an enthusiastic, positive attitude Position Overview Reporting to the Superintendent and President, the Headmaster is responsible for the academics, culture, and operations of the school as a whole. This includes: Readiness to learn from and collaborate with Valor’s Superintendent and executive team Hiring, developing, and retaining outstanding faculty, staff and school leaders Managing the school’s budget with fiscal responsibility Ensuring successful, vision-aligned implementation of Valor’s academic program Coaching teachers and school leaders to grow and excel Close work with the Valor Institute to develop and implement programs for faculty and students Oversight of teacher assignments and classroom schedules Oversight of student culture and discipline Oversight of all campus operations, including special events Reporting and compliance Achieving annual student enrollment and attendance goals Achieving annual campus fundraising goals in collaboration with the Communications & Giving Coordinator Oversight of parent relationships, parent communication, and external communication Other responsibilities as assigned by the Valor executive team

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