True North Classical Charter Academy is a new school opening in August, 2015 in Dade County, Florida. We anticipate the school will be located in the Southwest Kendall area. The vision of True North Classical Academy is to unleash a thirst for knowledge within our students. True North students will become lifelong learners as their passions align to their purpose in the pursuit of the True, Good, and Beautiful. The school is based in a liberal arts tradition, utilizing a classical education model. Classical education is based on the “Trivium,” or three stages of learning (Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric). The foundation for our curriculum is the Core Knowledge Sequence, developed by the Core Knowledge Foundation, an independent, nonprofit organization founded by E. D. Hirsch, Jr. In addition, there will be a strong emphasis placed on citizenship and leadership among our students. The instructional pedogogy will rely heavily on Direct Instruction. The Charter Application presented to the Miami-Dade County Public Schools provides a great deal of detail about the educational program that will be used at True North. The Principal will be main administrator for the school and will be responsible for the administration and supervision of the organization, from setting instructional goals and providing academic oversight, personnel, curriculum, budget, purchasing, public relations, plant operations, and all other daily operations of the organization. The principal will work to maintain the integrity of the school as a place for high achieving students which incorporates the classical educational model. Serving as a Charter School Principal requires more than just academic leadership skills. The Principal also is the CEO of a nonprofit organization, and should have the necessary skills to work with a governing board, establish budgets, coordinate services providers, and oversee the accounting and fiscal needs of the school.

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Please be aware that applications will be scored using a predefined rubric set by the True North Classical Academy Governing Board. THE ONLY WAY TO SCORE WELL ON THIS RUBRIC IS TO SUBMIT A COVER LETTER DISCUSSING YOUR QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE WITH THE CLASSICAL EDUCATION MODEL. You can email your cover letter to or use to submit it (the direct link to our school's postings is: We encourage all applicants to include a cover letter / message with their application. The failure to do will likely result in a low score as we review your application.