True North Classical Academy is an organization focused on providing a classical liberal arts education to students in South Florida. Our vision is to unleash a thirst for knowledge within our students. True North students will become lifelong learners as their passions align to their purpose in the pursuit of the True, Good, and Beautiful. We will achieve its vision through rigorous, content-rich curriculum grounded in the tradition of a classical liberal arts education. Through steadfast focus on scholarship, citizenship, and leadership in an environment that values and models intellectual and moral virtue, we are committed to empowering our students to reach their highest potential and sustain a lifelong love of learning. Employees at True North Classical Academy will work in a unique environment where public school students are offered the education previously only available in expensive private school environments. Our staff will be respected and valued as the educational professionals they are. We are currently seeking teachers for Kindergarten, first and second grade. The school will open in August, 2015 with two sections of each grade level.

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Complete the online application available at: Send in your resume, preferably using (If you are unable to send your resume through Teachers-Teachers, you can email it to