Trinitas Christian School is searching for a headmaster for the 2021-22 school year who will ensure that the mission and vision of the school are well executed and permeate every aspect of the school. He will be responsible for recruiting, managing and retaining quality faculty as well as like-minded families to the classical Christian community at Trinitas. Donors and local community leaders will know the headmaster as the face of Trinitas. Students will look to the headmaster for spiritual guidance and biblical correction. A top candidate for the headmaster position at Trinitas will demonstrate Christian maturity of a distinctly Reformed bent in every facet of life. He will be known for running his household well, his children having a good reputation. A qualified candidate will work well under authority and will exercise his own authority gracefully. He will be a persuasive leader, able to help others see beyond their own limits. The headmaster must be courageous, bold, steadfast, willing to do difficult things. He will exhibit a strong work ethic that attracts others to imitate him. Trinitas has an excellent academic reputation. The headmaster, as the school’s leading academic authority, will be responsible for ensuring curricula are appropriate, teachers are well trained and teaching to the top third of the class, and students are encouraged to do their very best. He will continue to move the school toward integrated, normative teaching and be ever vigilant against the modern tendency toward a fragmented, analytical methodology. A deep love and passion for classical Christian education is a must for this position. The ideal candidate will be a lifelong learner, have classroom experience, and be capable of teaching teachers. The ability to gracefully apply biblical correction in and out of the classroom is a key requirement. With the assistance of the office manager, the headmaster will oversee or approve all the school’s financial business. The headmaster will provide guidance to and supervise the work of the development director on marketing and fundraising efforts. The headmaster, with the assistance of the admissions director, will manage the annual recruitment of new students and retention and re-enrollment of existing students. Management of the 23,000 sq. ft. school building and 5 acre campus falls to the headmaster. A qualified candidate will be efficient and organized in his work. The candidate must also be able to create and manage complicated course and project schedules. An adequate ability to manage budgets, facilities, and communications must be present along with the desire to grow in these areas. Qualified candidates must be able to communicate well, both inside and outside the school.

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Contact Bob McGee ( for more information and/or to request an Opportunity Profile.