Responsibilities The Executive Director serves as the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for leading the administrative, instructional, and support personnel in a manner necessary to accomplish the strategic and operational objectives of TJCA. The three broad strategic goals, as identified by the Board in early 2020, are: ● Nurture a culture of excellence that will prepare students for a lifetime of citizenship. ● Uphold extraordinary academic/curricular standards which promote active intellectual inquiry. ● Strategically allocate resources that support the TJCA mission. In general terms, the Executive Director will provide leadership to, and be accountable for: ● Strategic and organizational planning, implementation, and execution; ● Maintaining and enhancing a school culture of academic excellence pursuant to the classical approach to education; -Human resource allocation and management; hire, develop, motivate, lead, and retain talented employees throughout the school; ● School operations including continued development of operational policies, procedures, and systems designed to ensure efficient and effective operations; and continued focus on financial strength, fiscal responsibility, and legal compliance; ● Maintaining school accreditation; ● Fundraising & marketing; ● Maintaining existing, and developing new, partnerships/relationships in the community and at the state level; ● Board of Directors relations. Specific duties will include, but not necessarily be limited to: ● Develop and maintain a good working relationship with the Board of Directors in order to refine/implement/operationalize the strategic goals listed above. Ensure that any goals regarding academics, faculty and staff, financial responsibility, safety, and community engagement are pursued rigorously. ● Ensure progress toward the strategic goals; lead implementation/operationalization, measurement, accountability, and refinement of these goals as determined by the Board; effectively communicate progress and results with the Board, staff, community, the state of NC, and any other appropriate stakeholders so that the best interests of the school are served. ● Plan, revise, and/or implement as necessary an organizational structure that will accomplish TJCA’s goals. Recruit, lead, supervise, develop, evaluate, and retain principals, faculty and staff necessary to lead the school while providing leadership in a manner that promotes a diverse, dedicated workforce and a climate of continued professionalism that engages and empowers others to take action and responsibility to achieve results. ● Maintain a strong commitment to the classical approach to education, built on the foundation of the Core Knowledge Sequence and rooted in the trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, to further the strong academic performance and academic reputation of the school. Develop, revise, and/or implement new research, programs, tactics, and methodologies to drive continued educational success. Manage TJCA in a fiscally responsible manner; in conjunction with the Board and senior administration, oversee the development and implementation of TJCA’s budget; maintain fiscal accountability. ● Manage TJCA’s buildings and grounds including facility operations, maintenance, and new projects. ● Lead any re-accreditation process and successfully maintain accreditation. ● Develop, implement, and revise policies and procedures consistent with TJCA objectives, assessed needs, applicable laws, rules, and regulations to ensure efficient and effective school operations. ● Act as the TJCA’s representative, in the capacity of CEO, interacting with other school systems, professional organizations, the media, business firms, agencies of government, and the general public. Promote TJCA locally, state-wide, and nationally; participate in educational organizations. ● Develop, nurture, and maintain effective strategic partnerships with the business community and the community at large. Develop and manage the marketing and public relations strategies of TJCA. ● Demonstrate utmost integrity and professionalism in and outside TJCA; provide a role model for students; be an active participant in the community. ● Lead and/or participate in fundraising activities for TJCA; investigate and pursue grants and external funding sources to ensure continued financial stability of the school. ● Create an environment promoting leadership, high academic standards, and opportunities for extracurricular activities; work with the Athletic Director, the performing arts leaders, other extracurricular leaders, and principals to ensure resources are in place to support athletic teams, performing arts, and other extracurricular activities. ● Strengthen ties to colleges/universities creating an awareness of the quality of TJCA graduates and to promote students’ admission to these institutions. ● Maintain personal professional development activities as appropriate. Requirements Leadership experience in public or private school administration and management, or any appropriate, equivalent combination of business leadership experience and training. ● Knowledge of federal, state, and/or local educational programs, laws, and regulations preferred; knowledge of charter school regulations preferred. ● Knowledge of the best practices in utilizing the classical approach to education is desirable. ● Honesty and integrity above reproach; ability to promote these same qualities in faculty, staff, and administration. ● Excellent communication skills (written and verbal); ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders both internal and external; adept at public speaking. ● Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills; ability to lead, value, appreciate, and work with a broad group of individuals and stakeholders. ● Good strategic and analytical thinking ability; good problem-solving ability. ● Financial and business acumen; sound fiscal management skills. ● Desire to promote a culture of academic and extracurricular excellence that celebrates diverse strengths, creativity, talents, and achievements. ● Appropriate educational credentials: degree in education administration, public or business administration; advanced degree preferred. Compensation Compensation will be commensurate with experience, including a competitive base salary, benefits, and relocation assistance.

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