About Telos Academy Telos Academy is a new independent classical education school opening in September 2021. This school will start small—we are estimating 3-4 full-time teachers and 2-3 part-time specialty shop/craft teachers (woodworking, sewing, machinery etc). Telos Academy will begin instructing students in grades K-6, with the intention of growing the grades over time to become a full PK-12 school over the course of several years. Unique Classical, Recreational, and Makerspace Curriculum Telos Academy will implement a classical curriculum, in alignment with and support from Hillsdale College, but will also integrate unique, community-focused and makerspace elements. A makerspace is a collaborative work for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools to foster innovation, creativity and collaborative learning in any field of study. Telos will employ trades-focused part time teachers to instruct students in crafts such as woodworking, sewing, culinary arts, machinery, and technology (possibly robotics, programming, etc). The school will also partner with community organizations for outdoor education and unique recreational and artistic experiences for the students, such as Woodward Park City, Utah Olympic Park, Kimball Art Center and others. These experiences will be an optional part of each student’s class time every day. Position Summary Telos is seeking a well-qualified School Director for a new K-6 independent classical school. The school director is responsible for managing the school and to provide organizational and instructional leadership to assure high student outcomes and maintain the integrity of the school’s mission and values. Initially, the school director will oversee a small group (2-3 teachers) who will help shape the creation of this new classical school, as well as 2-3 part time trades teachers. Minimum Qualifications • Bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts or education field, master’s degree preferred. • Two years of school administrative experience • Experience teaching in a classical education school • Proven ability to foster strong, healthy relationships throughout their community Required Skills • High Energy and passion for and commitment to classical education. Candidates will be invited to share their vision of what the goals and methods of classical education ought to be. • High energy and a passion for teaching children • Commitment to coaching teachers to help them reach their greatest potential • Alignment with the school’s expectation of high academic achievement for all students and commitment to building citizens of impeccable character • Excellent organizational, self-management, problem-solving and communication (written and verbal) skills • Establish and maintain productive, collaborative relationships with students, faculty, parents, and community members The School Director must uphold and advance the school's classical mission and philosophy. This position is responsible for overall administration of the school including, but not limited to, • Recruit, managing and retain quality faculty and oversee employee relations in the school system • Oversee instructional strategies and curriculum unique to a classical academy • Oversee all aspects of student life • Communicate effectively with parents • Administer all policies • Promote the school within the community • Facilitate growth and management of new families • Work closely with the Board of Directors to inform and advise about practices and problems with the school, as well as identify goals and fulfill strategic plans • Work well under authority and will exercise his own authority gracefully. • Exhibit a strong work ethic that attracts others to imitate you • Establish and nurture a joyful and ennobling academic community. • Prepare annual operating budget recommendations based on guidelines set by the Governing Board.

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