The headmaster is the master teacher and administrative leader for the operation of the school, accountable to the Superintendent. The headmaster is ultimately responsible for the success of the education of the students in accordance with the principles set forth in the Classical academy mission and commitments to teaching and learning. To this end, the headmaster should have a firm grasp of the philosophy and practices of an American classical education and be able to articulate and demonstrate this education to others and ensure its implementation. As leader of the school, the headmaster must also have high moral character and embrace the virtues of a free and just society. The headmaster will: Articulate and implement the school’s mission, philosophy, and policies as set forth in the Headmasters’ Guide and employee handbook Hire, train, and lead a well-educated and dedicated faculty Teach and lead the student body by fostering academic excellence, good character, and a vibrant school culture Work with parents to ensure the best education and moral development of their children Ensure sound management and accountability of the school, including financial oversight and school safety Support the organization in securing the school’s long-term goals and place in the community at large The following outline expands on the duties listed above. Articulating and implementing the mission, philosophy, and policies of the school: The headmaster will: Understand the mission, philosophy, and principles of an American classical education as set forth by Classical Academies Regularly articulate the ideals of an American classical education among faculty, office staff, parents, students, and the community at large Oversee the implementation of and faithfulness to the curriculum; Ensure the principles and virtues of a free and just society are appropriately taught and practiced Actively monitor the learning of all students in the school, which includes supervising robust SPED, ESL, and other programs for students with higher needs Ensure all extra-curricular activities contribute to l’esprit d’école and uphold the mission and philosophy of the school Participate in leadership and teacher training for Classical Academies Keep informed of the current state of education in the community, state, and the nation Hiring, training, and leading a well-educated and dedicated faculty: The headmaster will: Actively recruit knowledgeable, talented, and hard-working teachers to work for the Classical Academy which he or she leads Lead the faculty by way of training, conversation, and example Evaluate teachers’ performance in a way that motivates and fosters improvement; Foster collegiality among faculty and office staff Quickly and fairly address various “issues,” whether coming from parents, teachers, staff, or students Anticipate and provide guidance to teachers as a whole and individually concerning various predictable “concerns,” such as homework load, grading, communication with parents, etc. Teaching and leading the student body by fostering academic [excellence], good character, and a vibrant school culture: The headmaster will: Be a visible leader of students throughout the school throughout the day Invite and encourage students to exercise self-government in a myriad of ways Cultivate strong and sound character in students through teaching and encouraging the virtues Recognize and reward excellence in both learning and character Get students (individually and as a group) “back on track” when they go astray Foster extracurricular programs that contribute to student engagement Be a presence in various extra-curricular activities and/or events such as upper-school dances, student government, Curriculum Day; and Preferably teach one class and demonstrate mastery as a teacher through guest lectures at all grade levels Working with parents to ensure the best education and moral development of their children: The headmaster will: Clearly articulate the mission and practices of American classical schooling to parents in a variety of settings Keep the parent body informed generally of students’ learning, policies, events, school culture, and other matters through communications both written and in person Ensure that parents are kept informed of their own children’s academic progress and needs as well as their character and conduct Address general parental “concerns,” particularly in the start-up years when traditions and patterns are being formed Work with and advise volunteer parent groups and parent-led events Work with students and parents to understand and pave the way to opportunities beyond their schooling at Tallahassee Classical Academy Ensuring sound management and accountability of the school, including financial oversight and school safety: Finances and fiscal accountability The headmaster will: Oversee the annual budget in line with the school’s enrollment and required expenses Authorize expenditures in accordance with the annual budget Approve all curricular purchases and programs, based on guidance from and working with the central office Consult the central office regarding any extraordinary expenditures Oversee and approve teacher employment agreements Monitor student enrollment and attendance Review monthly the fiscal administration of the school In the spring, help project the budget for the following year based on enrollment for the purposes of hiring faculty and staff, ordering materials, and other aspects of planning Academic Accountability: In addition to implementing the classical curriculum, the headmaster, as leader of a public school, must monitor the school’s performance on standardized examinations. While not the “be-all and end-all” of academic performance, these exams often do signal areas needing improvement. The headmaster will: Have oversight of standardized school testing Measure testing results against expected outcomes, such as age of school, student demographics (including students new to the school), previous years’ performance, etc. Where necessary, implement remediation plans or programs for students needing help Consult the administration concerning any questions related to the academic integrity and curriculum of the school Explain to parents the results of the testing and any needed improvements School Safety: The headmaster shall be vigilant in all matters pertaining to school safety: Impress upon faculty and staff the essential nature of school safety Before the start of the school year rehearse all drills and precautionary measures with the faculty and office staff Ensure that all entrances to the building are closely monitored at all times Rehearse inclement weather and lockdown drills as recommended by home office Ensure recess, lunch, and other monitoring duties are assigned and understood; Provide training in CPR, Heimlich, etc. Provide clear guidance to teachers on regulations regarding physical contact with students (e.g., as in breaking up a fight) Oversee the plan and execution of daily carpool (drop-off and pick-up), ensuring staff, teachers, parents, and students understand and practice all means of safety and efficiency Supporting the school’s and education reform’s long-term goals: The headmaster will: Recruit new students to the school through various forms of advertising information meetings held at the school, presence at local events (such as fairs), etc. Ensure the school’s fidelity to the American classical education as set forth in the curriculum guide Keep informed of the current state of education in the community, state, and the nation Promote the school as a bastion of strong academic and character [excellence] in the local community through speaking at public events, hosting events at the school, etc. Minimum Job Requirements: 5+ Experience in school leadership or other form of leadership Affinity for Classical education and American founding principles Classroom teaching, preferably in a classical setting The ability to speak and write clearly and persuasively Experience with organizational and financial management

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