St. Timothy’s Classical Academy in Ottawa is looking for a part-time teacher with experience in teaching reading and math to Grade 1 students. Qualified candidates will: Hold at least a bachelor’s degree and have experience teaching in an early childhood setting. Have a good understanding of child development and classroom management. Demonstrate the ability to communicate well with parents. Display a love for learning and a passion to cultivate that love in young students. Agree with the school’s statement of faith, attend and be in good standing with a Christian church, and live as a committed disciple of Jesus Christ. In addition to teaching experience the ideal candidate will: have an understanding of classical education, be committed to implement classical curriculum and pedagogy and seek to grow in understanding of this tradition. Be capable of instilling in students a taste for good literature. Be capable of inspiring students to love what is true, good and beautiful.

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Please submit CV, Job application(found on, and a cover letter to