Principal Job Description: Appointment and Duties: Administrative/Full Time The Principal shall have a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and subscribe without reservation to the Statement of Faith which is the Apostle’s Creed. The Philosophy of Education embraces the classical, Christian model with the goal of training virtuous scholars. A graduate degree in the field of education, or a field related to classical, Christian studies and experience with the classical Christian model is preferred. The Principal of the school is appointed each year by the Board of Governors. 1. The Principal shall carry out the policies established by the Board of Governors. It is the duty of the Principal to run the daily operations of the school. 2. The annual evaluation of the Principal is to be performed by the Board of Governors and the Headmaster utilizing the following job description. A. Job Description – Principal 1. Spiritual Leadership: called to the ministry of classical, Christian education a. Demonstrates an ability to articulate his or her personal faith in Jesus Christ. b. Exhibits consistency in his or her Christian life. c. Maintains a strong commitment to Christian classical education. d. Possesses the skills and abilities to minister to the parents, students and faculty in a way that edifies their souls and brings glory to God, even in the midst of controversy. e. Is able to listen and give guidance and correction to students and faculty in a manner that builds up the community of believers, thus developing virtue and strength of character. 2. General Administration a. Oversees daily operations of the school. b. Enforces school discipline policy. c. Communicates with parents and on site representatives. d. Oversees preparation of state mandated records; files necessary reports. e. Reviews school handbooks and policies, advertising and promotional materials as needed. f. Helps properly maintain school facility. g. Possesses skills and abilities relating to the field of education or educational operations. 3. Faculty a. Assists in recruiting, interviewing and hiring teachers, substitutes, support staff and volunteers. b. Coordinates training of teachers, substitutes, support staff and volunteers. c. Assists in evaluating staff and volunteers. d. Assists teachers in coordinating classroom and special activities. 4. Students a. Assists in recruiting students for enrollment. b. Coordinates the testing and evaluation of potential students. c. Facilitates student enrollment. d. Monitors student progress. e. Meets with teachers and parents to mitigate problems and chart progress as needed. 5. Curriculum a. Reviews and recommends purchase of curriculum, books, and resources. Implements the curriculum i.e. ordering and distributing all materials for the school year. b. Evaluates curriculum, books and resources throughout the year. 6. Preferred Qualifications a. Minimum of five years of successful administrative experience at a classical, Christian school. b. A Master’s degree in the field of education, or a field related to classical, Christian studies.

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Contact Wallis Brooks, 904.824.9224