Founded in 2011, Seattle Classical Christian School began when four families desired to give their children a classical education centered on Christ and Scripture. Moreover, with no classical Christian school in downtown Seattle, these families longed to educate their children in the same city where they lived, worked, and worshipped. Starting with only five students, the school has now grown to serve over 150 students between pre-K and 8th grade. Now Seattle Classical Christian School is developing into a high school and seeking a headmaster to be the spiritual, academic and executive leader of the entire school. This position is best suited for a dynamic person who thrives in vision-casting and being able to implement ideas into action. Seattle Classical Snapshot MISSION STATEMENT: Seattle Classical Christian School builds the city of God by forming servant leaders who love goodness, truth, and beauty. VISION STATEMENT: Seattle Classical Christian School’s vision is to glorify God through Christ-centered education and to cultivate faithful servants who love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. FOUR FOUNDATIONAL PILLARS: 1. Rooted deeply in Christ and the Scriptures as a guide in everyday life 2. Partners with the parents as the primary educators of their children 3. Offers a rigorous, yet joyful learning experience through the classical education 4. Fosters a close community with student and family life, as well as an active involvement within the city ’s community GOVERNING STRUCTURE: BOARD OF DIRECTORS STATEMENT OF FAITH: YES NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 25 FTE ANNUAL OPERATING BUDGET: $2M NUMBER OF STUDENTS: 150 Key Qualifications: The headmaster Scripturally discerns truth, goodness, and, beauty and applies Biblical wisdom to difficult topics. The headmaster studies and submits to the Word of God and embodies what it means to be a life-long learner. He or she will also: · Have 10+ years professional experience with at least five years senior managerial experience. · Prefer classical Christian educational philosophical underpinnings and approach. · Be adept in casting a compelling and persuasive vision for the classical Christian educational model. · Be a figurehead, spokesman, and spiritual leader. · Be strategic and decisive in long-term planning and program development and other matters related to the school’s growth and culture. · Have a strong ability to manage conflict and lead with boldness and enthusiasm. · Demonstrate superior written and verbal communication. · Have some fundraising experience and/or familiarity with budgets and growing enrollment and revenue. THE HEADMASTER ROLE IN 2022 AND BEYOND The headmaster at Seattle Classical Christian School will adopt the missionary zeal of the founders, who sought to provide a classical Christian education for families in Seattle. This time is a pivotal one for the school and its families—adding a high school will require a purposeful and resolute leader who is excited by the opportunity to bring into existence an exceptional community that would otherwise not be available for those in Seattle. But the opportunity is also a challenge. The work ahead requires a person inspired to make a meaningful and long-lasting difference in the world through his or her faith, steadfast obedience, and wisdom—a leader who is ready to take a Biblically-informed discerning stance on difficult topics and decisions with a commitment to God, all the while overseeing and protecting the hearts and minds of children. Ultimately, the headmaster oversees and protects a joyful Christian learning environment that cultivates virtue, teaches students to embody goodness, truth and beauty, and seeks to model a kingdom atmosphere. The headmaster’s primary responsibilities include: 1. LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT—oversee all employees and operations and facilities, attract and retain talented staff, educate families and staff, and ensure compliance with all legal and ethical procedures running the daily operations of the school. 2. STRATEGIC PLANNING AND GROWTH—lead and draft short- and long -term strategic plans for the increase of enrollment, adding a high school, curriculum development, campus planning, and other strategic objectives. 3. SCHOOL CULTURE AND COMMUNITY—lead the school’s classical Christian culture, develop faculty with a classical Christian pedagogical approach, foster activities to form members in the virtues of the culture, and safeguard the community by ensuring all members understand, appreciate, and embrace the pillars of a classical Christian education. 4. FINANCIAL STABILITY—support the fundraising and marketing efforts of the school, develop strong donor relations and communications, increase revenue and operate within approved budgets, and exercise accurate financial oversight. 5. BOARD GOVERNANCE—communicate effectively with the Board, provide regular and timely reports to ensure compliance with by-laws and implement the vision set for the school. Seattle Classical Christian School is seeking a headmaster to strengthen its community around its classical Christian commitments in order to establish a robust high school and achieve its mission. With the support of the Board and Committees, an executive headmaster can strategically increase enrollment, strengthen culture, and lead the only classical Christian school in the heart of Seattle—forming young minds through engaging Scripture and the great works of Western Civilization. THE OPPORTUNITY TO LEAD IN A WORLD-CLASS CITY with Magnificent Beauty Seattle is the 18th-largest city in the U.S. and home to some of the largest and most powerful tech and aviation firms in the world—all with a vibrant and rich culture. No other evangelical Christian school exists in the heart of the city. At Seattle Classical Christian School, the headmaster will have the opportunity to be the leader of the Christian classical movement in a city full of Christian families desirous of such formation for their children. By bringing together families who share a commitment to raising their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, the headmaster will truly form the city of God in Seattle as the school remains faithful to its founding principles. The Pacific Northwest is arguably the most beautiful part of North America, including everything from mountains, beaches, waterfalls, rainforests, and islands—not to mention its important history and local neighborhood charm. The school’s decade long existence serves as a loving sign of contradiction in a radically secular city. In this postmodern environment, Seattle Classical Christian School aims to produce graduates who love God and love reason, speak with humility and wisdom, cherish beauty, embody virtue, and are invested citizens in their communities and wider society—the opportunities in the city it has made its home are endless and waiting for you. SEATTLE SEATTLE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA SEATTLE OPERA PACIFIC NORTHWEST BALLET SEATTLE CHAMBER MUSIC SOCIETY PIKE PLACE MARKET COUNTLESS FILM FESTIVALS NUMEROUS ART MUSEUMS PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAMS ACCESS TO BRITISH COLUMBIA + OTHER BEAUTIFUL GETAWAYS …so much more

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