As a vital part of the SLO Classical Academy team, Middle School Teachers are responsible for providing effective and engaging instruction in line with the classical tradition and unique qualities of the school. Teachers must be team players, sharing the responsibilities of developing engaged and prepared learners and thinkers, moving from grammerians to logicians. We are committed to forging character, fostering wisdom, and nurturing a lifelong passion for learning. Highly desirable teachers at SLOCA are passionate about classical education and children, committed to personal and professional growth, effective and loyal team players, creative thinkers, and committed to the health and growth of our school. If you are interested in working in a place of deep meaning, collaboration and purpose, we may just be the perfect match! Get to know us by checking out our website to learn more. Responsibilities and Expectations 1. Provide quality instruction and learning opportunities for students in a manner that meets the educational guidelines and objectives of SLOCA’s classical approach and provides a respectful learning environment for all students 2. Prioritize Classical Methods and Principles including inquiry and Socratic discussion, hands-on, experiential learning opportunities 3. Share the responsibility to the prepare students to join the great conversation - think clearly and critically, express themselves well, engage in respectful dialogue, nurture the love of learning, engender respect for various cultures and beliefs (politics, religion, etc.) 4. Work with the teaching team to care holistically for each student ensuring their success and growth - academic, emotional and social 5. Develop curriculum and plan lessons 6. Support parents in their role as co-teacher, helping students and families understand classical education; actively contribute to student/family retention 7. Pursue professional development; fully engage in SLOCA learning opportunities If you desire to share your passion and inspire the love of science and math then you’ve met our most important criteria! If you confidently check off the following qualifications, then let’s talk. Qualifications Except under unique circumstances, teaching credential and/or equivalent work experience required. Being classically trained or educated is highly desirable. Education and/or 2 years experience in a specified area (level, subjects taught, etc.) required. Technology—proficient in Word, Pages, Excel, Google, etc. This is a full time position

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Submit your resume and a brief cover letter and/or video explaining your interest in this position and what you are passionate about.