OPPORTUNITY: We provide classical education (with a twist) for students in preschool through high school. Our purpose is to educate for life, understanding that education is not a means to an end, but a worthy end in and of itself. Our community is growing! In addition to our school, we also have a thrift store and an online educational service. We are looking for someone to join our executive leadership team to collaboratively lead and navigate the many joys and challenges of directing three non-profits. The right candidate will help us stabilize and grow each business to its full potential so that we may continue to provide this unique educational experience. We encourage you to cull our website (sloclassical.org) and visit our online educational service website (wisdomwonderproject.com). ESSENTIAL ROLES: The Director of Business Life is responsible for the health of daily operations, staff recruitment + care, and the development and building of SLOCA’s business-related activities—all of which undergird our vibrant community, education, mission and vision. The goal of this leader is to optimize business functionality to drive extensive and sustainable growth. CORE CHARACTERISTICS: Our ideal candidate is a life-long learner with knowledge of classical education in addition to: 15 + years of demonstrated experience in business and related functions - finance, HR, marketing, etc. 10+ years demonstrated experience in management/leadership 5+ years experience in staffing or human resources desired High integrity and character

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Submit your resume along with a letter explaining your interest in this position to jobs@sloclassical.org