Saint Jerome Classical School is seeking a Latin teacher with a liberal arts background who can lead and develop the K-8 Latin program at St. Jerome’s. In addition to being passionate about teaching in the classical model and forming students in the Catholic faith, the ideal candidate will be a dynamic teacher and a capable leader. Saint Jerome’s is driven with a unique mission to reach underserved students with the true, good and beautiful. (Currently, 71% of Saint Jerome’s families fall below the poverty line; Saint Jerome’s also serves many refugee families, with 48% of our students being part of the Karen community, first-generation immigrants and refugees from Myanmar.) We thus seek a teacher who will have a deep, mission-driven commitment to the classical model and to our students, and who believes, as we do, that all students can benefit from (and deserve) the richness and excellence of a classical education. The teacher we seek thus must also be gifted and dynamic, able to reach our whole student body, and capable of pushing all students towards excellence. Saint Jerome’s is still working on some aspects of its transition to the classical model. The 2021-2022 school-year will be Year 4 of our transition. This position also comes with opportunities to help develop the programming and take leadership positions in the orchestration of our transition. In addition to teaching Latin, an ideal hire will be capable of teaching in the humanities or in other areas of our classical program to fill needs as they arise. Also ideal is a candidate with an entrepreneurial attitude, someone with knowledge, initiative and interest in developing new parts of our program and shaping our school. Because we wish to attract the passion and talent we need for our unique student body and classical transition, we will also supply this position with additional resources and incentives. In addition to competitive pay, we also plan to provide training opportunities and/or support for professional growth and enrichment in the liberal arts. Are you mission-driven in approach and passionate about helping us build our classical program where it serves the most need for the greatest good? Are you flexible and engaged, able to work with what we have to help our classical program grow? Are you a leader of faith and integrity with a liberal arts background? Please apply. We are looking for you and desire to provide opportunities and leadership roles according to commitment, passion and talent.

How to Apply/Who to Contact

To apply, please submit a letter of interest, resume and a list of references to .