In our Christ-centered environment, we provide formative faith lessons and experiences, pursue academic excellence, participate in the sacramental life and devotions of the Catholic Church, offer engaging student activities, and give students opportunities for growth in virtue and character. It is through this educational plan that students are formed spiritually, intellectually, morally, and physically as they are prepared for high school and grow into disciples of Christ who are ready to respond to God’s call. It is our vocation to cultivate faith, virtue, and wisdom in children by educating the whole child. We seek to develop students into lifelong learners who wonder and are curious about the world; know how to engage it; think critically by analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing prior knowledge with new discoveries; problem solve; make sound judgments; and then communicate these deeper understandings in a persuasive and beautiful manner. Essential job functions: • Supports and upholds the philosophy of Catholic education and the mission of the school • Acts as a witness to Gospel values by modeling the teachings of the Catholic Church • Supports and adheres to the Code of Conduct and policies and procedures of the school and Diocese • Abides by the Confidentiality Policy set forth in the Diocese Employee Handbook • Communicates effectively with students, parents, and other professionals • Monitors and assists individual students in small instructional groups to support learning activities • Supervises students at lunch, recess, and in routine movement • Performs clerical tasks, prepares instructional materials and bulletin boards as indicated by the classroom teacher • Meets staff development guidelines as set forth by the Diocese/local administration • Demonstrates professionalism in conduct, demeanor, and work habits • Maintains a work schedule that maximizes availability to the school, students and staff Important job functions: • Maintains current and accurate records according to school policy • Collaborates with peers to enhance the work environment and support instructional planning • Demonstrates a willingness to respond to individual learning needs • Ability to work well with students, parents, and colleagues in an instructional setting • Ability to follow directions and handle multiple tasks • Possesses proficient technology skills

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