CLASSICS: Ridgeview begins instruction of Latin in kindergarten and Greek in the third grade. While instruction at these levels is of an elementary nature, it is also of a foundational nature. Both Latin and Greek are taught with the intent of supporting instruction of the etymologies and grammar of the English language. Ridgeview’s Classics program focuses on language, literature, history, mythology, and archaeology, though not all teachers are expected to teach all of these subjects. In the middle and upper levels, Wheelock’s Latin is used extensively so that pupils may eventually read and discuss primary source texts from Cicero, Virgil, Horace, Livy, and Ovid, among others. In the elementary school, extensive use is made of Christopher Perrin’s texts for Latin and Greek. To assist in memorization, a spoken Latin program has been implemented with considerable success. Ridgeview is seeking applicants who are passionate about their discipline, creative, teachable, and excited to work with a broad range of pupils to ensure that the Classics are embraced as a cornerstone of Ridgeview’s academic program. Ridgeview neither requires nor prefers candidates with teacher certifications but would rather solicit applications from individuals who have demonstrated academic mastery in the Classics. Teaching experience is preferred but is not essential. Written and oral communication skills, punctuality, a strong work ethic, and collegiality are essential. 

UPPER ELEMENTARY: Teachers in the elementary school make heavy use of the original Core Knowledge sequence, though the school rejects innovations that align the curriculum with the Common Core. Many aspects of the elementary curriculum have been strengthened by ncorporating other programs or implementing curricula unique to Ridgeview. For instance, Latin is taught to pupils from kindergarten on, and Greek is introduced to students in the third grade. While instruction at these levels is of an elementary nature, it is also of a foundational nature and serves pupils well in their study of new vocabulary by enabling them to understand etymologies as well as grammar. Other deviations from the Core Knowledge sequence include a cursive penmanship program, the Singapore mathematics program and pupil ability grouping therein, and a Riggs phonics program. The elementary school uses a series of push-in and pull-out classes to support the homeroom teacher. For example, Latin, Greek, and science in some grades are examples of push-ins in which a specialist is brought into the classroom, whereas art and music are examples of push-out classes in which pupils leave the classroom to visit another specialist. Homeroom teachers are generally responsible for teaching history, phonics, composition, literature, mathematics, and the school’s character pillars. 

Math and Science: Ridgeview is seeking candidates for a math and science position. A successful candidate will teach primarily in the middle and upper schools. Successful candidates will have an accomplished academic background in mathematics or the natural sciences. Candidates are encouraged to review pertinent materials on the Ridgeview website before completing the application packet. From kindergarten through pre-algebra, Ridgeview uses a hybridized program that is founded upon Singapore mathematics, heavy participation in class discussions, and a conceptual understanding of the material. The curriculum emphasizes cumulative retention of the material and ability groups students so that each is working to his or her highest ability. A number of advanced mathematics electives are offered including Calculus I-III, Advanced Statistics, Number Theory, and Linear Algebra. History and Literature: Ridgeview is seeking candidates for a position primarily responsible for teaching literature and history in the middle and upper schools. Successful candidates will have an accomplished academic background in the humanities and a strong interest in teaching. Ridgeview offers a collegial environment in which the life of the mind is both supported and encouraged. These courses are heavily reliant upon primary texts, Socratic discussions, and are writing intensive. Strong candidates for this position will possess excellent written and spoken communication skills and the ability to relate grammatical concepts to students.

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Individuals interested in pursuing this position should complete an application form (available on Ridgeview's website) and submit the following: a one-page letter of interest, a one-page statement of educational philosophy, a resume or CV, copies of transcripts, and any pertinent letters of recommendation. Please submit all forms to Anna Vander Wall at