The humanities departments at Regents School of Austin recognize and strive to fulfill their roles within the overall mission of the school, namely moving our students towards maturation as morally good people capable of appropriate and persuasive oral and written communication. The fundamental goal of these departments (theology/rhetoric, literature, foreign language, and history) is to produce young men and women dedicated to and informed by the Christian worldview who are capable of reading carefully and purposefully; thinking clearly, rationally, and compassionately; speaking thoughtfully and passionately with appropriate audience recognition; and writing in their own voice with clarity, conviction, structure, and style. The SOR Literature program covers a chronological survey of Ancient, Medieval, Modern European and American Literature in sync with the History program. Literature classes require students to read, comprehend, process, synthesize and communicate ideas expressed in the great works of the Western tradition. As the Rhetoric division of a classical school, our students are also expected to challenge themselves in the art of Rhetoric through harkness discussions, longer-format essays, oral presentations, and other performative assessments. Because our school is committed to smaller class sizes and relational teaching, instructors are expected to mentor, encourage, discipline and coach students through the academic and emotional experiences of high school. An SOR Literature instructor is responsible for teaching course content, evaluating and assessing student performance, grading assignments, maintaining and regularly updating the gradebook for these courses, communicating with students and parents, coordinating pacing and objectives with a teaching team under the leadership of the Literature Chair, managing student learning and behavior, and developing specific lessons to meet course objectives. Job Requirements: • A comprehensive understanding of the pedagogical approach of Classical Christian Education • A Bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts • At least 2 years teaching experience • Experience teaching writing skills • The ability to model advanced communication skills Preferred: • Experience teaching high school students, particularly at an accredited ACCS school • A Master’s degree or higher in the liberal arts, particularly in Education, Literature or the Classics • Familiarity with the harkness discussion model Information on our Purpose, Mission, Philosophy, Objectives and Doctrinal Statement Board members, administration, faculty, coaches and other instructional personnel of Regents School, whether full-time, part-time or volunteer, must believe and abide to our Purpose, Mission, Philosophy, Objectives and Doctrinal Statement, evidenced by their signing a statement of agreement with Article II annually. Link to Article II:

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