We’re growing! We are a young classical Christian school preparing for our fifth year. We started with 18 students in JK-2, and we’re anticipating 100+ students in JK-8 next year. Our community is intimate, we have our own rich curriculum, we’re low on tech (and high on books, art, and nature), and we love the gospel of grace that makes us right with God and one another. We are seeking a Vice Principal for the 2022-2023 year to work alongside our growing leadership team. This role is ~50% admin/leadership, with additional teaching responsibilities up to full-time employment depending on the candidate's strengths and availability and school needs. Reporting to and working with the Principal, the Vice Principal will lead in the following areas of responsibility.  Faculty leadership. The VP will be a pacesetter. She or he will help oversee, mentor, assess, develop, and support faculty to flourish in their roles, in classical Christian pedagogy, and student discipleship.  Curriculum. The VP will co-lead the Curriculum Team, and share responsibilities in coordinating curriculum mapping, scope and sequence charting, textbook evaluation and selection process, annual curriculum reviews, and curriculum development and implementation.  Culture. The VP will be a model of and hold staff and students to a high standard of discipleship and scholarship, service and study, worship and work. They will invest deeply in relationships with staff, students, and parents. They will discipline with high expectations of student conduct with grace and joy.  Vision Keeping. In all of this, the VP will assist the school's leadership in stewarding and deepening our vision of Christ and his gift of the classical Christian tradition to the Church, to the children, things we will not hide but tell the coming generation. We encourage all interested persons to apply. The standards below are intended both to guide and inspire potential candidates. Character  A living, deepening friendship with the Lord Jesus. This includes belonging to a local church, maintaining high standards of personal conduct, possessing an articulate grasp of the gospel, and an ability to communicate it to children.  Commitment to Oak Hill's mission, philosophy, and doctrine without exception  Evident respect for Board policies and actions and the Principal  Genuine love and passion for children  Evident commitment to shepherding, mentoring, developing leaders Skills  Distinguished K-8 teaching and classroom experience with: class culture, classroom management, planning, pedagogy, assessment, and bringing the best out of students.  Coaching skills -- able to motivate, train, coach, correct, problem-solve, and evaluate.  People skills -- Proven relational skills, high emotional and social intelligence, good listener, others-centered, connects easily with parents, staff, students, and a peace-maker.  Communication skills -- articulate, well spoken, and writes well.  Organizational skills -- organized, efficient, uses technology / G-Suite well, able to stay on task and on top of things. Knowledge  Of the child: their nature, needs, development, and challenges they face today  The classical Christian educational tradition and Charlotte Mason philosophy  Classroom management and teaching methods and techniques aligned with above  Deepening knowledge of the Bible, biblical theology, and a Reformed worldview  Curriculum and curriculum mapping Credentials  Previous experience with classical Christian education is preferred.  Bachelor's degree minimum. Application requirements.  Please read through the details on our job board for information on our candidating process and application requirements prior to submitting.  Additional application requirement: 1-2 pages outlining your approach to school leadership in this role. In this, please include brief preliminary notes on (1) how you imagine spending your 50% VP time on a weekly basis, and (2) your anticipated priorities for the first 3 months of your employment.

How to Apply/Who to Contact

1. Learn about classical education. Before you begin, candidates are encouraged to familiarize themselves with classical Christian education. Although a background in classical education is not required, our teachers are expected to teach classically. 2. Apply. Submit the following application documents via email (PDF format only please) to principal [at] oakhillhamilton.ca OR in hardcopy to 557 Garner Road West, Ancaster L9G 3K9. a. Cover letter (1 page). In no more than one page, introduce yourself, note what subjects and grades you want to teach, and why you want to teach at a classical Christian school. b. Personal testimony of faith (1 page). c. Philosophy of education (1 page). d. Resume. e. Letters of reference (1 pastoral, 2 professional). f. List of your favourite and recently read books. 3. Initial phone call. All applications will be reviewed and screened, and those that appear to align most closely with our school needs will be contacted for an initial phone call with the principal. 4. Interview. Applicants with a successful initial phone call will be invited to meet the principal and school leadership team for an interview. 5. VSS and reference checks. If not already completed, the applicant’s references will be contacted by phone and applicants will be required to submit a recent Vulnerable Sector Scan report (i.e. a “police check”) in original. Applicants who have a successful interview and satisfactory references and VSS report will proceed to a teaching observation. 6. Teaching observation. Applicants successful to this point will be required to teach lessons of the school’s choosing for up to two hours. We will provide context, lesson details, and necessary materials. Applicants will submit in advance their lesson plans or notes to the Principal for review. 7. Decision of Oak Hill Academy. The school’s Board of Directors will review the candidate’s application and decide whether to make an offer of employment. All candidates who have made it this far will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision. If the Board would like to move forward, we will meet with the individual to discuss the terms of employment and next steps. If you have additional questions, please contact the office. Oak Hill Academy thanks all applicants for their interest. Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.