New England Classical Academy, located in Claremont, NH, has a position open to teach a combined class of grades 5 and 6 with varying learning abilities. The applicant should be creative in solving problems both in planning lessons ahead of time and making adjustments in the moment. The applicant will need to have an understanding of classical education, be prepared with classroom management techniques, be open to new ideas and recommendations, and be a team player. New England Classical Academy offers an integrated PreK-12 classical educational curriculum. The curriculum in the lower school focuses on courtesy and self control, which allows the student to build a strong foundation in their studies of mathematics, science, history, literature, grammar, Latin, and geography. Music, art, drama, and physical education classes are covered by someone other than the classroom teacher (although it is possible the classroom teacher would need to help out with these subjects at times), and the classroom teacher is encouraged to connect and incorporate these subjects with the others. The qualified applicant should have an understanding and interest in classical education, a background in Latin, a willingness to teach according to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and a passion for teaching children, not just in academics but also in character. A Certificate in Elementary Education for New Hampshire is beneficial but not required.

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Email your resume and cover letter to Executive Director, Liz Wilber, at