Under the direction of the Headmaster, the Upper School Director is responsible for the daily flow of Millennium Charter Academy’s Upper School, grades 6-12. The Director creates and maintains a safe, healthy and supportive culture for upper school students and staff. Furthermore, this individual has a classical worldview, a deep understanding of classical liberal arts education, a solid commitment to the pursuit of transcendent and immanent truth, goodness, and beauty, and an unwavering support of the Academy’s mission, vision, and philosophy. Qualifications • Possesses a North Carolina license, at least a BA or BS, and teaching experience • Deeply understands and commits to the Academy’s mission, vision, goals, and philosophy • Consistently pursues personal growth, intellectual and moral • Reads widely and possesses a broad background of knowledge • Exhibits a strong grasp of classical curriculum and pedagogy • Organizes and manages people and materials well and in a timely fashion • Develops strong relationships with students and staff • Exhibits a professional demeanor • Speaks and writes well • Communicates clearly, kindly, and frequently with students and staff • Understands well the emotional, mental, and social needs of students • Displays strong teamwork skills • Takes initiative • Understands and practices discipline, as well as leadership, by principle • Works collaboratively with colleagues and parents and caregivers • Exhibits exemplary ethics and high moral character • Generates ideas and solutions while holding a clear vision • Makes firm and thoughtful decisions

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