Libertas School of Memphis is seeking applicants for the following positions on our founding team: Lead Teachers, Associate Teachers, Teacher Aides, Music Teacher, Social Work (part-time), Paraprofessional, Student Support Coordinator. Training and relocation funds available for some candidates. Libertas is a unique new public charter school serving historic and high-need Frayser neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee. Our mission is to be a school for human flourishing: cultivating minds, hands, and hearts for lives of wonder, work, and love. We will offer our students a rich, rigorous, and personalized education by bringing together the best aspects of Montessori, the liberal arts, and the high-performing urban charter schools where our co-founders have a combined 18 years of experience. The pillars of our approach include: 1. Developmentally-responsive Montessori learning, starting early with Pre-K; 2. Inspiring purpose in learning through a broad liberal arts curriculum and the Core Knowledge sequence; 3. The best practices of excellent urban schools; 4. Encouraging the development of moral and intellectual virtue; 5. Building an “attachment village” of supports between school, families, and the community. We hope to create a teaching environment that is about excellence and the craftsmanship of teaching, and is also family-friendly and sustainable. We open in summer 2015 with PreK through 1st grade, and are approved to add PreK-3 and up to 6th grade in the coming years.

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Please visit to learn more and submit your application online.