Great Hearts Academies is a growing non-profit network of charter schools currently serving almost 19,000 students in Arizona and Texas. Great Hearts’ academies are substantially outperforming other public and private schools, proving that tuition-free schools can do a superb job of educating students if they are smaller, more efficient, and set higher expectations for all students through a core, classical liberal arts curriculum. We gladly prepare our graduates for success in the best colleges and universities in the nation, but our main purpose is the formation of the soul, heart, and mind. We believe that the highest goal of education is to become good, intellectually and morally. JOB OPENINGS 2020-21 ● Mathematics: Pre-Algebra to Calculus, Euclidean Geometry, Logic and Coding ● Sciences: Life Science, Earth/Physical Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry ● Humanities: Western Traditions of Literature, History, Philosophy, Economics, American Rhetoric ● Elementary Assistant, Apprentice, and Lead Teachers ● Fine Arts: Music, Poetry, Studio Art, Drama ● Languages: Latin, Ancient Greek, Spanish, French ● Special Education and ESL: Coordinators, Resource Teachers, Math/Reading Interventionists ● Physical Education: Teachers, Coaches (Extracurricular) APPRENTICE TEACHER PROGRAM This program offers new teachers an intentional, individualized course of study and mentorship with an experienced Lead Teacher as they learn the craft of teaching in a classical, liberal arts primary-school environment. This full-time, paid apprenticeship is ideal for individuals who wish to gain valuable experience in a Great Hearts classroom. Upon the successful completion of the program and milestones, apprentices are recommended to become lead teachers in lower, middle, or upper schools across the network. OUR CULTURE ● Our academies are bastions of academic rigor and excellence and attract students who are curious and diligent. ● Classes are run Socratically - teachers are expected to be guides as well as participants in the search for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. ● The faculty of Great Hearts Academies is a true community of life-long learners who, together, participate in seminars, attend classical music concerts, hear lectures on art, philosophy, mathematics, and other topics in the liberal arts, and enjoy frequent fellowship (frequently over food and drink!) ● Certification is not required; while many of our teachers do come from education programs or other local public schools, most others hold undergraduate/graduate degrees in the academic subjects they teach and/or from top liberal arts programs.

How to Apply/Who to Contact

If you are interested in working at Great Hearts, please apply online at The initial application should only take a few minutes. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at