Great Hearts Academies seeks a headmaster to lead the first Great Hearts academy in Louisiana. The new school opens in Baton Rouge in Fall of 2023, with a headmaster start date in the Fall of 2022. A Great Hearts headmaster heroically shapes his or her community for a greater good. He or she takes on one of the most important leadership positions in our culture, turning a generation of young hearts and minds towards truth, goodness, and beauty. He or she cultivates a setting from which great-hearted people emerge, a setting that no single individual can create alone, but to which his or her noble calling is essential. Furthermore, a Great Hearts headmaster joins a family of headmasters across our academies, with all the support, friendship, and strength this fellowship provides. Candidates will have leadership experience, demonstrable excellence in classroom teaching, and a well-grounded vision for the moral and intellectual formation of the human person. A Great Hearts headmaster delights to enkindle the love of truth, goodness, and beauty in others. Candidates should possess a passion for classical education, and a love for their fellow man that is both humble and relentless. A Great Hearts headmaster is called to establish and nurture a joyful and ennobling academic community. Candidates should have a proven ability to foster strong, healthy relationships throughout their community.

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