Grace River Academy is a start up classical Christian grammar school in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We are seeking to hire a passionate kindergarten teacher for the 2022-2023 school year. BASIC TASKS OF A GRAMMAR SCHOOL TEACHER AT GRACE RIVER ACADEMY: 1. Spiritual Leadership - The teacher is expected to consistently exhibit love, joy, peace, and spiritual maturity before their students and the rest of the school. The teacher is expected to be a student and lover of the Bible, God's only written Word. 2. Classroom Management/Environment - The teacher is expected to maintain a neat, organized, clean, and stimulating classroom environment for their students. This implies that the students will take an active part in cleaning and maintaining their room's appearance. The teacher should set up simple, manageable class routines to accomplish basic tasks, e.g. taking attendance, homework collection, daily cleaning schedules, materials storage and distribution, etc. 3. Lesson Preparation and Presentation - The teacher should have a thorough knowledge of and interest in the subjects they are assigned to teach. These will normally include: Bible, reading, mathematics, science, grammar, composition, spelling, handwriting, history and/or geography. All subjects should be taught utilizing the objectives, materials, priorities, and methods prescribed by Grace River Academy. The teacher is expected to encourage the students to see how all subjects are interrelated, as parts of God's integrated universe. Clear language and appropriate vocabulary is also expected. 4. Classroom Decorum and Discipline - The teacher should be very familiar with and able to apply the spirit, as well as the letter, of the school rules. An orderly (not necessarily silent) working atmosphere is to be the norm. Students should be aware of the class and school rules and be encouraged to exercise self-discipline. When administrative discipline is necessary, the teacher is expected to accompany the student to the office and give the administrator an accurate accounting of the student's offense. The teacher is expected to diffuse and deal with the vast majority of corrective discipline situations within their classroom. 5. Student Learning - The teacher should seek to stimulate and maintain the students' interest in the material. Recognition and reasonable compensation for individual needs is also necessary. A variety of techniques (in addition to testing) should be used to measure the students' progress. The grammar school curriculum guide is to be used as the basis for measuring the overall progress of the class and individual students. 6. Planning and Communications - The teacher's weekly and quarterly plans should reflect creativity and a good use of class time. The Curriculum Guide should be used to establish weekly, quarterly, and semester plans. The teacher is to regularly (at least twice each month) communicate with the parents in their class. Emphasis should be placed on getting to know the families well, as well as letting them know what is happening in the class. 7. Professionalism - The teacher is to consistently and joyfully demonstrate pride in Grace River Academy by their work, punctuality, speech, attitude, dress, and attention to duties. 8. The Seven Laws of Teaching, as set forth in the work of John Gregory by the same title, must be regularly and thoroughly implemented into lesson plans, and should be evident in the classroom.

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Email your résumé and cover letter to [email protected].