Fortis Academy is searching for a passionate visionary to lead our families as we partner to educate our children so that they may become what we were designed to be by our Creator. We are looking for a person that possesses the spiritual qualifications of a relationship with Jesus Christ that is evident, who is passionate to disciple young people for the work of the Kingdom of God, willing to lead our school community spiritually, not only academically. Because your primary responsibility will be communicating the vision of Fortis Academy to internal and external stakeholders and ensuring that this vision is translated into a healthy, productive culture, your character is of utmost importance. You must be concerned with the moral training of our children by upholding the truth and values available through a classical education. These values include: leading with humility, dealing with conflict in a Biblical manner, courageous commitment to honesty and an adherence to a Biblical worldview. Finally, the best candidate will be wellversed in the classics and fully convinced of the classical Christian model of education, able to inspire others and infuse that inspiration into clear and concise communication. This communication should inspire our community to use their wisdom and virtue to articulate their own convictions. Responsibilities You will report to the Board of Trustees who will oversee your training and onboarding. You will have direct oversight of our staff and principals. You will be our chief spokesperson, overseeing successful fulfillment of our vision and mission, continually leading our staff, faculty, parents, and students. You will be responsible for maintaining strong and healthy relationships with families and creating paths for personal and professional growth for our faculty and staff. The academic success of our students will be a measure of your own success in this role. You will be expected to thoroughly understand daytoday operations and participate in school life and activities so that you can lead our administration to excellence in and out of the classroom. Operational responsibilities will include: ● Creating relationships in the NAUM’s community at large ● Assisting in the agenda and format of school meetings and community townhalls. ● Creating and implementing processes for listening to the voice of the parents. ● Developing processes to listen to feedback from our community. ● Creating and implementing a “First 90 days” plan for new hires. ● Learning and participating in: ○ Open registration ○ New student family interviews ○ Teacher evaluations ○ Teacher contracts By the end of the 201617 school year, you will be expected to be responsible for the 201718 school year in terms of: ● Strategic planning and objectives ● Goal setting ● Creating a fundraising plan ● Faculty assessment and formal review process ● Approving and offering all contracts ● Leading school meetings and assemblies ● Budget meetings ● Classroom plans

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Please email your completed application package to the Fortis Academy Head of School Search Committee at: including: ● Resume ● Cover letter ● Philosophy of education Please also have letters of recommendation available upon request. Notification of receipt of completed applications will be sent via email.