Eagle Ridge Academy is a Tuition-Free Classical, College-Preparatory Charter School serving students and families in grades K-12. Eagle Ridge offers an academically rigorous education that uses a time-tested, Classical, liberal arts curriculum. The greatest thinkers throughout the ages, including Archimedes, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Shakespeare, and Thomas Jefferson, all had one thing in common: a Classical Education. A Classical Education represents a return to a time-tested educational philosophy that was the standard in the United States and the western world until the early 20th century. In recent years, Classical schools have revived across the nation with amazing results. There are numerous strands and focuses of Classical Education. Eagle Ridge Academy is focused on a solid foundation that works in conjunction with the school’s pillars and Latin Motto. The following virtues constitute the school’s pillars: Citizenship, Integrity, Perseverance, Honor, Excellence, and Respect. We follow the pursuit of the “Veritas, Pulchritudo, Probitas”; identifying in Latin the central tenants of our school: Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Using these virtues and tenants as foundations, Eagle Ridge Academy is able to fulfill its mission of providing students with a traditional, Classical Education that demands their best in academic achievement, behavior and attitude, and challenges them to attain their highest potential. Teachers at Eagle Ridge Academy are hired based upon their mastery of academic disciplines, ability to convey knowledge to young people, willingness to be productive team members, and demonstration of high moral values. We are looking for men and women who wish to be a part of an exciting resurgence in education at a school that has proven its ability to enrich, ennoble, and educate students. By joining the faculty of Eagle Ridge Academy, you will become part of a community that embraces liberal arts education, believes in continual growth and education for its professionals, and supports collaboration in learning for students and teachers. This community learns together, works together, and plays together. If you are excited about learning and believe in its wonder and awe, are infinitely curious about the beauty around us, and are dedicated to the virtues of Eagle Ridge Academy please consider joining our team. We are expanding in 2016-17, including a move to a completely renovated facility. We will be hiring at least twelve new kindergarten through fourth grade teachers, along with four specialist teachers (art, Latin, music, physical education). If you interested in applying please prepare the following items prior to your application: 1) Cover letter tailored to the position you are applying. Please tell us how you learned about Eagle Ridge Academy in your letter. 2) Statement of educational philosophy (500 words or less) 3) Resume/Curriculum vitae 4) College/university transcripts 5) Three letters of recommendation. To learn more as well as submit an application, please go to www.eagleridgeacademy.org.

How to Apply/Who to Contact