PLEASE NOTE: The school is a government registered, private Classical Christian School located in West Java, Indonesia. (Gilbert, AZ is the city of residence of the Expat Recruiter and needed to be listed for your required fields to be completed) Experienced teachers for grades 7-12 are needed in our schools of Logic (7-9) and Rhetoric (10-12). Experienced Language Arts teachers are currently being interviewed for the 2020-21 academic school year (beg. July 2020). Language Arts teachers with experience teaching students whose second language is English (native tongue is Indonesian. Most students have been taught in English since pre-school so the Language Arts courses are not ESL, but do factor in that there are cultural and grammatical issues that require address. The Rhetoric teacher should be prepared to teach both the Rhetoric 1 and Rhetoric 2 classes as well as coordinate the Senior Thesis preparation and Defense. Candidates who have experience and are willing to sign on for a minimum of 2 years should view the website and, if interested, contact Ron Weinbaum directly. A rich and rewarding experience in a cross cultural setting awaits!

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Submit all inquiries to Ron Weinbaum, Expat Recruitment Coordinator for Cahaya Bangsa Classical School via email to: Please include CV/Resume and cover letter, and phone number with available hours to participate in a brief pre-interview.