Position: Dean of Grammar School Job Description: Report Directly to Head of School POSITION SUMMARY: The Dean of the Grammar School is in charge of the spiritual development, disciplinary needs, and curriculum guidance to serve the teaching faculty by handling day to day needs for assistance, scheduling, and pedagogical implementation, specifically to grades Junior Kinder to Grammar 6. PRINCIPLES FOR CONDUCTING WORK Serve as a Christian role model, by precept and example, of the highest Christian virtue and personal decorum both in and out of school to students, and as an example to parents and fellow employees in judgment, dignity, respect, and Christian living. DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Propagate the vision of the school to the Grammar school faculty, parents and students resulting in a Grammar school full of truth, beauty and goodness and thus fulfilling its mission by: a. Understanding the vision and mission of the school b. Being an exemplar concerning professional personal standards, dress and manners c. Assisting the Head of School with faculty meetings and In Service Day workshops d. Maintaining a spirit conducive to prayer and study e. Foster and build a culture of positive, loving, grace filled learning f. Promote the school and its distinctives at various events 2. Leads the Grammar school's devotional, spiritual, and academic life resulting in a Grammar school growing in faith, hope and love by: a. Working to support and inspire a sense of joyful devotion to Christ in the lives of students and teachers b. Providing material that enables the homeroom teacher to lead devotions c. Leading or assigning leadership of corporate devotions in the Grammar school d. Interacting with grammar students, learning their needs, knowing their lives and struggles, encouraging them and praying for and with them e. Encouraging and mentoring older secondary students to be spiritual leaders when: i. Working with the Dean of Upper School and Secondary Teachers to allow responsible and mature secondary students to serve in Grammar School classes, activities, and recesses. 3. Oversees Grammar school student discipline resulting in the Grammar school having a godly aroma full of grace by: a. Being the "first responder" to disciplinary needs in the Grammar School when issues move beyond the scope of the teacher’s classroom management b. Building relationships with students c. Correcting negative trends and inspiring positive cultural growth (reporting on these trends to the Head of School) d. Communicating with the Head of School, Faculty, and Parents in cases of serious student misbehavior e. Enforcing uniform policy and appearance policy to assure that students are dressed appropriately f. Setting and promoting biblical standards of holiness by praising it both publicly and privately g. Communicating with parents concerning disciplinary issues including leading conferences when necessary h. Making sure that school office has accurate records of disciplinary actions i. Suspending Grammar school students when necessary J. Helping students develop proper habits and training teachers in student habit development 4. Listening to Grammar faculty needs and meeting needs as able resulting in faculty needs being heard and met in a timely manner by: a. Working with faculty to determine students’ needs and making sure that policies are in place to meet those needs b. Reporting needs and problems in Grammar school to the Head of School c. Overseeing attendance and tardiness issues as it pertains to day to day issues—reporting problems to the Head of School d. Approval of events or special arrangements for Grammar classes 5. Direct the assigned tasks of the daily operation of the Grammar school resulting in a school that runs smoothly by: a. Coordinating activities (and their scheduling) b. Help plan and build activities and traditions that lead to the positive life of the school c. Establishing the annual Grammar school master schedule for instructional programs with the Dean of Upper School and the Head of School d. Ordering secondary books during the summer and during the school year e. Supervise that teacher duty stations are covered adequately f. Ensuring classrooms are well-managed and have a positive learning environment g. Maintain that adequate school and parent communication is conducted 6. Oversees the purchase of Grammar school materials and equipment resulting in Grammar school teachers having the materials and equipment that they need by: a. Giving input for the creation of the yearly budget to the Head of School b. Overseeing Grammar school curriculum choices and development with the Curriculum Committee and the faculty of the school to foresee needed curriculum, and improve or replace deficient curriculum c. Selecting instructional materials and equipment by making choices or approving all recommendations. d. Coordinate teacher training for proper implementation of curriculum or knowledge of resources 7. Oversees that student academic growth and development is appropriate to move to the next grade level and is assessed appropriately by: a. Checking progress reports and report cards for areas of concern b. Communicating with teachers and parents for any areas of concern seen in the classroom c. Overseeing Grammar School awards making sure that honors are given correctly. (This includes academic honors, the Virtuous Blazer Award, or distinctions in outside activities or extracurriculars). d. Oversees the administration of standardized tests 8. Ensure curriculum health, implementation, and compliance by: a. Help build and implement Curriculum Guides for each grade level b. Train teachers on Classical Christian and Charlotte Mason Pedagogy c. Supervision of lesson plans, homework load, integration of subjects and Biblical themes, and see that the grading/assessment policy is observed d. Annual curriculum review with the Dean of Upper School and Head of School f. Conducting teacher observations for compliance of the Seven Law of Teaching 9. Other responsibilities as required by the Head of School. Experience and Skills: SKILLS AND EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS QUALIFICATIONS: Must be a Christian and agree fully with the BCA’s Statement of Faith. Must be active in a local church and in good standing. Bachelor’s Degree required. Must be able to obtain CPR and First Aid Certifications. Physically able to keep up with the demands of activities required. Prior teaching or classroom experience required. Working knowledge of Classical Christian Education and Charlotte Mason Principles. Oral and written communication and speaking skills. Knowledge or ability to learn technical/computer skills such as FACTS (renweb), Googlesuit, Microsoft Word, and various computer programs. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: The Dean of Grammar oversees, under the Head of School, the Grammar school faculty and students. WORK ENVIRONMENT/DYNAMICS: The Dean of Grammar must be able to work with little direct supervision. WORK YEAR: This position is a full-time position over the school year and a part time position over the summer 3 days a week. SCHEDULE FOR EVALUATION: The Dean of Grammar will be evaluated annually by the Head of School with input from the Board of Directors.

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and list of references to [email protected].