OVERVIEW Auburn Classical Academy (ACA) is a classical, Christian, private K-8 school located in East Central Alabama. Our educational approach is founded upon a classical Christian framework with a Charlotte Mason influence. As Christ is the Truth, all education rightly leads to knowledge of Him. ACA is actively searching for a candidate who views classical education through the lens of the Gospel. Candidates must understand classical methodology, as well as possess the ability to lead, manage, and operate the daily routines of our school according to its philosophy: ACA teaches and upholds traditional Christian morality and the Holy Scriptures as the divinely inspired word of God and cannot be separated from history, literature, mathematics, science, or any other academic discipline. We believe the family is a cherished institution given to us by God. It is the parents’ privilege to train their children at home and to teach them their beliefs. We seek to partner with parents in this endeavor. We are classical, meaning that we employ the time-tested method of the Trivium (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric). Our curriculum is designed to inspire students to appreciate and understand the intellectual tradition of Christendom and the ancient world, and to see the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom as components of a lively Christian faith. Our genuine dedication to forming well-educated, academically successful students of sound character is apparent at every level of work. Students are carefully taught to think logically and express themselves well. We strive to create an environment which is conducive to study and charitable interactions between students, parents, and teachers. We provide students the tools for life-long learning. We aim to teach children how to think, not what to think. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES The Head of School (HOS) leads by inspiring and overseeing the academic community, by implementing the mission and vision of the school, by managing the business of the school, and overseeing its daily operations. The HOS embodies the mission of ACA and articulates the mission for all aspects of the school’s program. The HOS reports to the Board of Governors and is responsible for the overall management of the school, in accordance with ACA’s bylaws and policies. The HOS is to provide leadership, guidance, and direction to the faculty, students, and parents affiliated with ACA in the following areas: • Spiritual Leadership • School Cultural Leadership • Academic Integrity • Enrollment • Faculty Oversight • Disciplinary Oversight • Daily/Annual Operations Oversight WORK YEAR This is a full-time position that works 12 months a year. We operate on a rigorous 32-week academic calendar with a 4-day school week which meets Monday-Thursday. The Head of School will work from his or her school office during the academic year and will hold abbreviated school office hours during the summer. In addition to summer break, we have a one-week fall break, a three-week Christmas break, and a one-week spring break. Competitive compensation commensurate with experience. QUALIFICATIONS Candidate must: • possess a strong working knowledge of classical education methodology • maintain faithful relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through prayer and adherence to the Holy Bible • actively worship with a local body of Christian believers • hold a bachelor’s degree Auburn Classical Academy is a sister school in partnership with Highlands Latin School. ACA does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin in the administration of its hiring policies, educational policies, admissions policies, or other programs.

How to Apply/Who to Contact

HOW TO APPLY Read our website, then submit your resume with cover letter (tell us about yourself, why you might be a good fit with ACA, and your salary requirements) to our Board of Governors at: BoG@AuburnClassicalAcademy.com Or visit: https://www.auburnclassicalacademy.com/about/faculty/teach-at-aca/