Position: Instructional Specialist Reports to: Head of Elementary School/Campus: Aristoi Classical Academy - Katy Elementary Primary Purpose: Serve as math specialist and interventionist for K-4 math students. Assist and train teachers in developing Singapore math pedagogy in alignment with the TEKS. Assist campus leadership in conducting needs assessment and campus planning in the area of overall student achievement in math. Work cooperatively with teachers, parents, and other personnel regarding individual student needs in math. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Experience: At least five years of classroom teaching Special Knowledge and Skills: Knowledge of elementary mathematics General knowledge of curriculum and instruction. Ability to instruct students and manage their behavior. General Knowledge of state curriculum and assessments. Ability to train and mentor teachers in mathematics instruction Responsibilities and Duties: ● Train teachers in aligning Singapore math pedagogy with TEKS objectives by grade level ● Work with Headmaster and Head of School on refining K-4 math schematic ● Provide benchmark reports to teachers and assist in developing classroom and individual intervention plans ● Assess students throughout the school year ● Assist K-4 teachers in implementing appropriate math instructional and learning strategies, activities, materials, and equipment that reflect understanding of the learning styles and needs of students assigned ● Work with small groups of students; help students develop conceptual understanding April 2022 and procedural fluency in mathematical ● Plan, implement, and evaluate instructional programs with teachers, including objectives, strategies and assessments. ● Assist teachers in differentiating instruction based on assessment data/standardized test results. ● Plan, prepare and model Singapore math instructional methods and activities. ● Work with fellow instructional specialists/RTI coordinator/Student Service Coordinator to ensure vertical alignment of RTI programs and procedures. ● Be a positive, virtuous role model for students and support the mission of the school district. ● Perform other administrative duties as needed. ● Attend professional development as appropriate. Means to meet responsibilities and duties: ● Collaboration, mentoring and consultation with teachers concerning practices and methods in accordance with current math curriculum and Classical education elements. ● Working with students in the classroom and small group environments. ● Continually communicating with administrators about progress and overall curriculum applications on a quarterly basis.

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