Title: Head of Middle School Reports to: Superintendent Duty days: 12-Months Wage/Hour Status: Exempt Hours: 7:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday (Some weekends and evenings will be required) The Head of Middle School first and foremost embodies the Mission of Aristoi Classical Academy. In word and deed, the Head models the mature achievement of classical education— clear thinking, cogent communication, magnanimity and humility in relationship, and integrity in leadership. The Head is active in communicating the Mission of the school to students, parents, teachers, and the wider community. The Head collaborates with the Superintendent and Board to faithfully carry Aristoi’s Mission into new contexts as the school faces new challenges and opportunities. The Head of Middle School embraces a dual identity—he or she is at once the master teacher among faculty and staff and the administrator of a growing charter school campus with multiple buildings, and grounds. As the leader of a secondary classical school, this individual must establish authority as an able educator and scholar with the ability to speak knowledgeably to issues of classical liberal arts pedagogy, curriculum, and philosophy of education while also being directly responsible for the day-to-day operations of an entire campus. The Head must possess exemplary management capabilities including effective use of time, the judicious selection of priorities, the ability to productively delegate, and a comfort with holding other parties accountable to fulfill their responsibilities. Qualifications: Master’s Degree required from an accredited university (Liberal Arts Discipline preferred) Principal Certification preferred or willing to complete principal certification program Classical education preferred Teaching experience (classical education preferred) Administrative experience preferred Teacher Evaluation experience Special Knowledge/Skills Ongoing classical education development Department chair experience is preferred to continue to develop the high school program Thorough understanding and ability to coordinate campus operations Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills Strong focus on the creation of an orderly disciplined environment Love and Logic trained and become a trained facilitator Experience: Two years’ experience as a classroom teacher Administrative experience preferred Experience with public school accountability (preferred) Job Responsibilities/Duties • Reports to Superintendent • Implements school mission, vision, and philosophy • Communicates the school’s classical distinction to the community • Supervises all middle school personnel, directly or indirectly • Develops the educational plan, curriculum, policies, programs and budget for final approval by Superintendent • Designs in-service program in collaboration with Superintendent and administration • Leads and facilitates Middle School faculty meetings • Meets regularly with department chairs • Works alongside the PEIMS coordinator to produce the Middle School master schedule • Works alongside the Superintendent to complete the annual Campus Needs Assessment and Campus Improvement Plan • Submits the development recommendations for faculty, staff and administration to the Superintendent • Submits faculty and staff hiring recommendations to Superintendent for interview • Implements state regulations and assessments • Oversees student life program • Reviews and approves curriculum purchases and objectives • Implements opportunities for parent involvement • Oversees all goals and objectives for Middle School departments and programs i.e. athletics, fine arts, extra-curricular • Pursues opportunities for community involvement by the Aristoi community • Oversees a safe, clean and orderly facility • Performs human resource duties of reviewing incoming employment applications, following up on references and interviews, and then submitting to Superintendent for final interview and possible hire • Assists Superintendent with recruiting, hiring and job descriptions • Works alongside the Superintendent and the School Board regarding policies and procedures • Stays current on TEA regulations and the implementation of state requirements to ensure that the school is in compliance with these rules and expectations • Plans and facilitates all student and parent meetings and conferences. • Works alongside the District Testing Coordinator to review all Middle School testing to ensure that all requirements by state and federal authorities, all School Board policies, and the requirements of the Superintendent are administered • Coordinates and facilitates teacher training for state test administrations under the direction of the District Testing Coordinator (DTC) • Oversees all communication to parents and teachers throughout the school year regarding all testing requirements under the direction of the DTC • Works closely with RTI Coordinator, Special Education Coordinator, Student Services Coordinator to monitor and follow up on At Risk students throughout the school year • Conducts Grade Placement Committee meetings in collaboration with teachers and parents to develop Accelerated Instruction Plans (AIP) as required by state guidelines under the direction of the DTC • All other duties as assigned by the Superintendent Disciplinary duties • Works with the Superintendent and Dean of Students to ensure consistent application of the Love and Logic philosophy of discipline • Ensures teachers understand and practice classroom management consistent with Love and Logic management and discipline • Works with the Superintendent and Dean of Students to create a system of implementing consequences for disciplinary infractions and assure consistent application of the Aristoi Student Code of Conduct • Communicates regularly with teachers concerning the well-being, achievement, and the success of the students • Provides virtuous character training for students Other Requirements • Be able to travel on school business, attend in and out of the area trainings, meetings and /or conferences as required • Maintains confidentiality of information as required by school personnel policies and/or state and federal regulations • Maintain one’s self at all times so as not to discredit himself/herself or the school At Will Employee Agreement required duties 1.) Assign or delegate assigning of Teacher Duties a. Carpool Duty b. Lunch, Leisure time or Recess Duty c. Extra-Curricular/Tutoring d. Benchmark/STAAR Trainings/TPRI e. Communitas – Study and presentation of Virtues f. Modifications and documentation for RTI, 504, Special Education and Dyslexia 2.) Meetings and functions you will be required to attend: Such efforts foster a sense of community and a culture of attentiveness to the whole child. a. School Year Professional Development b. Parent Meetings i. Parent Orientation - August ii. Meet the Teacher – August iii. Open House – September iv. Community Open House – January c. In-Service (2 weeks) Beginning in August d. Wednesday Staff Meetings/Team Meetings/Love & Logic/Book Studies e. Elementary Music Programs by grade level – (Elem. teachers must be there for their student’s performance) f. Middle School teachers are required to attend 1 event/program of students in their grade level. Attendance at other events is highly recommended. g. End of the Year Awards Ceremonies h. Graduation Ceremony 3.) Meetings and functions you will be expected to attend: a. Fundraisers b. NHS Induction c. Summer Development 4.) Contract reminders a. 5 personal/sick days (plus roll-over days)

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Complete application at aristoiclassical.org.