The Allder School in Purcellville, Virginia is a growing co-educational Catholic academic program. It is completing its fourth year of operation.   We have a Montessori classroom and atrium for children ages 3-6 and are developing an Elementary program with a combined first/ second grade and third/ fourth grade based on the classical method of learning.  Classes are five days per week.  We are seeking two highly motivated full-time Elementary teachers and catechists, for a combined first/ second grade classroom or a combined third/fourth grade classroom. Teacher will have primary responsibility for executing the first/ second grade, or third/fourth grade Elementary academic program, as developed by the school’s curriculum committee, based on currently successful classical models such as the Education Plan of St. Jerome Classical School of Hyattsville, Maryland. The teacher will have primary responsibility for the classroom’s atrium program, using the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd methodology an including sacramental preparation (First Communion).   The teacher is also encouraged to provide inputs for overall school and community development. 

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Please email to apply