Title: Spanish Teacher 10 month, full time position, Location: York, PA Starting salary: $35,000 Course assignments include High School Spanish 1 and 2 (including Heritage Spanish speakers); applicants will be considered based on their ability to teach other subject areas, with a specific interest in Beginner Latin and Upper School Math. *Bachelor's degree required *At least one year of experience within a culturally diverse workplace or ministry desired *Experience within a classical Christian school desired *State-level teacher certification preferred *Commitment to helping Logos Academy be a vibrant learning community, committed to our 5C’s: Christ-centered, culturally diverse, community-minded, classically trained and collaborative family partnerships. *Effective interpersonal communication, organizational skills, independent project management, and ability to problem-solve in challenging situations with professionalism, enthusiasm, and flexibility. *Clear desire for ongoing development as a teacher within a school committed to these values *Clear characteristics of a lifelong learner: humble, curious, contemplative, and joyful with strong reading habits and appreciation for the visual and performing arts Logos Academy is an accredited, independent school, and a nationally recognized, innovative leader in offering a unique brand of transformative urban education. Located within one of PA’s lowest performing public school districts, Logos Academy has sustained success in closing the achievement gap that is so often seen nationally for students in poverty. Missionally committed to remaining extremely affordable for families, Logos Academy offers substantial student scholarships, bringing the average tuition down to less than $2,000 per student. Logos Academy earned Middle States Accreditation (MSA) in the spring of 2017. In the oral report, the MSA visiting team said, “Many schools claim to change lives; clearly Logos Academy does change lives.” Our leadership is consistently sought out to consult other schools on matters of leadership, governance, fundraising, trauma-informed practices, and a variety of other school matters. Mission Statement-Logos Academy, an urban, Kingdom school grounded in the love of Christ, educates for excellence, offers opportunity, and cultivates hope in our community. Major Responsibilities: *Plan and implement grade-level lessons and assessments in support of the curricular scope and sequence *All daily lessons should be Christ-centered: helping students to recognize the beauty, wonder, order, and goodness of all things in God’s world and His story, over which Jesus Christ reigns as creator, sustainer, and savior *At least one weekly, lessons should include integration across multiple subjects areas and incorporate projects that involve the whole student (with physical activity as well as playful and creative input from the student) *Model, demonstrate and embody the values and goals expressed in our Portrait of a Graduate for all students throughout the school day, in and out of the classroom *Contribute to the regular assessment and improvement of our curricular scope and sequence within your areas of instruction at the direction of the Upper School Principal *Assess student progress in line with curricular benchmarks, identify remedial needs, and maintain academic records *Develop and maintain a formative classroom environment and culture *Classroom setup and decorations should embody the grade-level curricular content and celebrate student work in a way that is inviting, intriguing, home-like, and orderly *Students should be clearly aware of teacher expectations and authority during every activity and transition throughout the school day and classroom culture should follow predictable rhythms of activity (moving between lively and restful) *Implement all school policy and practices with regard to student behavior *Maintain behavioral records for regular parent communications, student records, and any outside professional assessment of students (requested by parents and approved by the school) *Maintain parent partnerships through regular communication, an annual home visit and the offering of at least one parent-teacher conference per year *Maintain regular, professional, and Christ-like communications with colleagues, office staff, and school administrators *Receive and implement all directions from the Upper School Principal cooperatively and respectfully

How to Apply/Who to Contact

Go to our website’s employment page and complete our application after reading our faith and values statement. https://www.logosyork.org/about/employment