Last summer at a homeschool convention in Cincinnati a young mom - let's call her Lori - came to our booth to thank us for our work. She told us she has been so inspired by our resources that her entire view of education has changed. Now she feels empowered to teach both more purposefully and more leisurely.

Maybe you are one of the many teachers and parents who have told us about similar experiences.

There's something you should know: these conversations inspire us too!

Your loving commitment to your students and children motivates us to keep growing, to continue further up and further in.

And thanks to you - to people who participated in a CiRCE event or taught the Lost Tools of Writing or visited our website or joined the CiRCE apprenticeship or contributed financially or prayed for us - thanks to you, we are financially stable and ready to take on new challenges. Besides filling the conference, you bought a record number of LTW sets, set records for web visits, expanded our apprenticeship program, participated in more events, and used more free resources than ever before.  Thank you!

In 2013 we plan to offer a new CiRCE summer institute, expand our free web offerings (including a forthcoming media center), grow the CiRCE Writer's Bloc (our cast of web writers), and strengthen and enhance our CiRCE Online Academy. Additionally, we will continue to refine our summer conference, attend and host events nationwide, and build relationships with friends of the CiRCE Institute.

Because you have been an instrument in the hand of God.
As a not-for-profit we rely on the financial support of likeminded friends.

And with your help we can reach more educators who seek the glory of God and the virtue of their students.
Please accept this invitation to deepen your relationship with the CiRCE Institute by joining our 30/30 club (30 people committing to $30 a month for one year) or by making a one-time tax deductible donation of $25, $50, or any other amount.

Your gift is a seed from which grows the inspiration that enables teachers and parents (like Lori) to persevere and to thrive, always climbing further up and further in.