Since the founding of the CiRCE Institute, more than a decade ago, the backbone of our existence has been the generous support of donors who believe completely in the purpose and truth of Christian classical education, people who believe wholeheartedly in the vocation and commission of our organization. 

Without the significant contributions of people who believe that education ought to be understood and practiced as the cultivation of wisdom and virtue we couldn't keep on. For 15 years we've continually been assured, through the generosity of our friends that what we're doing is meaningful - and necessary. 

If this is you, please consider partnering with us as a Patron by giving $1,000 or more

Your financial contribution will enable us to: 

  • Develop more free content, including podcasts, articles, videos, our magazine, and more. 
  • Continue to remodel our facility for events and in-house programs
  • Expand our multi-media resources
  • Solidify our general operations
  • Strengthen the Lost Tools of Writing 
  • Expand our reach through additional events and conferences nationwide
  • Invigorate our various training programs
  • Build security for the future

None of this is possible without your help.

We believe Classical Christian Education is only beginning to recover our cultural inheritance and we are hopeful for what the future holds. We have been encouraged and affirmed by the incredible generosity of our friends in the Classical Education Community over the last 15 years. Thank you for supporting our work

Please note, As a Patron of the CiRCE Institute you are eligible to receive a CiRCE t-shirt, a CiRCE mug, public thanks for your donation, and more. These small tokens of our gratitude probably won't motivate you to give if you're weren't planning on it already. But hopefully they help us express just how thankful we are to have your support.