A time to gather and a moment to pause, the Daily Gathering is an online meeting in which children will hear timeless tales.

Mornings are often hectic and school days can be long. As your morning unwinds and the day begins, find a moment to pause and gather around truth, goodness, and beauty. Let the telling of stories bring stillness to your morning and wonder to your child's day. 

Though stories are the focus, your child will also enjoy music and artwork, memorize bible passages, share their opinions, and perhaps even write stories of their own. 

Join us every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 10:30am ET.

Larissa Craft 
Daily Gathering Host

Andrea Lipinski
CiRCE Online Training

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Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 10:30am ET.

Hosted by Larissa Craft.

Tuesdays: Picture book, Short story/Tale
Wednesdays: Poem or Aesop's Fable
Thursdays: Longer story

Please email [email protected] with any questions. 


"Thank you so much for a wonderful gift that we look forward to each morning!"
- Heather 

"My oldest took your model and is now leading my kids live . . . thank you! I can see the DG teaching so many moms and older students how to lead."
- Rachel 




The Daily Gathering (DG) will meet from September through May. We will follow the same calendar as our online classes with holiday breaks. A yearly subscription includes September to May gatherings. A monthly subscription will automatically renew from September to May with an email reminder each month in case you want to end the subscription at any time.


Larissa Craft will be the main host and coordinator for the stories. She will also be scheduling with others to read as well. While you can expect to see Larissa on many gatherings, you will also see other readers like Brandon LeBlanc, Matthew Bianco, Brian Phillips, Karen Kern, and myself. Larissa tries to send out the scheduled readings a few days in advance.


Tuesdays — picture book, short story or tale
Wednesdays — poem or Aesop's fable, typically alternating weeks
Thursdays — longer stories that could carry over to the next Thursday
     * This schedule will change for guest readers and holidays.

Appropriate Ages

The DG is appropriate for all ages, and it may not be for all families! I encourage you to sign up for the free trial. Mark your calendar to review this decision in 12 days. If this gathering meets with your family’s needs, keep it. If not, cancel the subscription before the first payment and you will know for yourself whether it was a fit.


When you subscribe, you will enter your payment method and not be charged until 14 days later. Everyone receives a free 14 day trial from the date of subscription. Fourteen days after that, your payment method will be charged $7/month until you cancel or $47 for the year (September 2020 to May 2021).

Zoom live + Recordings

Yes, the DG meets over Zoom live each Tu/Wed/Th morning at 10:30am ET. The recordings can be made available for those subscribers who request it. The recordings will be made available by the month for monthly subscribers or by the year for yearly.