The Daily Gathering is back! The perfect start to a morning; it is a thirty minute online gathering where every student can enjoy beautiful music, discuss famous artwork, and explore the best stories. Bring your students to enjoy truth, goodness, and beauty through the wonder of stories.

Routines can be a saving grace. Routines can help us slowly accustom ourselves to doing things that feel difficult. Routines can also help us to navigate and survive chaotic and trying times. One of the routines that has been a lifesaver for many homeschooling families for a very long time is the daily practice of gathering everyone around true, good, and beautiful things.

We hope you will join us! 

Andrea Lipinski
CiRCE Online Training

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Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 10:30am ET.

Hosted by Larissa Craft.

Tuesdays: Short story, Fable, Tale
Wednesdays: Poem
Thursdays: Short chapter book/ Longer short story