Paideia Prize - Cindy Rollins


We are honored to announce that we will present the 2016 Russell Kirk Paideia Prize, given in honor of a lifetime dedicated to the cultivation of wisdom and virtue, to Cindy Rollins.


Please check back soon for more information, including biographical information. 

Past Winners:

David V. Hicks (2002)
Dr. Louise Cowan (2003)
Rev. F. Washington "Tony" Jarvis (2004)
Tracy Lee Simmons (2005)
Dr. Richard Hawley (2006)
Dr. James Taylor (2007)
Dr. Peter V. Sampo (2008)
Dr. Marcus and Laura Berquist (2009)
Dr. Glenn and Dr. Virginia Arbery (2010)
Dr. Mary Mumbach (2011)
Wendell Berry (2012)
Dr. Peter J. Kreeft (2013)
Dr. Eva Brann (2014)
Dr. Stratford Caldecott (2015)