Additional schedule details are forthcoming but the basic schedule will look like this. Subject to change. 


All attendees are invited to a Thursday evening reception from 5:30-8:00 pm hosted by Highlands Latin School at their Spring Meadows campus, just outside of Louisville. The theme will be "A Taste of Kentucky," and will feature a free bourbon tasting. Join us for an informal time of conversation and laughter with speakers and participants. 


9:00 am - Andrew Kern Keynote - Truth or Nothing: Why the First is Better, Why the Second is Tempting, and How We Mix Them Up

10:30 am - Martin Cothran Keynote - Why Classical Education is an Inoculation Against Nihilism

12:00 pm - Lunch

1:30 pm - Breakouts

  • Matt Bianco - Restoring Chests: Healing the Soul for the Sake of Truth
  • Hank Reynolds - Creating a Great Music Program
  • Brian Phillips - Listening for Echoes: On Right and Wrong Reading Habits

3:00 pm - Classical Consortium Panel (attendees submit questions ahead of time)

4:30 pm - end of the day

8:00 pm - Evening festivities with Wendell Berry



9:00 am - Christopher Perrin Keynote - The Monastery School: How Classical Education was Preserved and Extended for Almost 1,000 Years (And What We Can Learn from It)

10:30 am - Carol Reynolds Keynote - A Classical Approach to Artistic Literacy: the Why, the What, and the So What

12:00 pm - Lunch

1:30 pm - Andrew Pudewa Closing Keynote - Culture: The Incarnation of the Transcendentals

3:00 pm - Classical Consortium Panel 

4:30 pm - End of the day