Our Titles


  • NEW! - Good in Every Thing: Meditations on Shakespeare
    by Josh Mayo

  • The 25th: New and Selected Christmas Essays
    by Joshua Gibbs 

  • A Classical Guide to Narration
    by Jason Barney

  • 30 Poems to Memorize (Before it's too Late)
    Edited by David Kern

  • The Acts of The Apostles:
    A Latin Reader
    by Dale A. Grote, PhD

  • How to Be Unlucky
    Reflections on the Pursuit of Virtue
    by Joshua Gibbs

  • Something They Will Not Forget
    A Handbook for Classical Teachers
    by Joshua Gibbs

  • The Lawgivers
    The Parallel Lives of Numa Pompilius and Lycurgus of Sparta as Told by Plutarch
    trans. by David and Scot Hicks

  • The Statesmen
    The Parallel Lives of Cato the Younger and Phocion of Athens
    by David Hicks and C. Scot Hicks

  • Tales of Wonder, Volume I
    8 Essential Fairy Tales + Discussion Questions

  • Tales of Wonder, Volume II
    8 More Essential Fairy Tales + Discussion Questions

  • Mere Motherhood
    Morning Time, Nursery Rhymes, and My Journey Toward Sanctification
    by Cindy Rollins

  • A CiRCE Guide to Reading
    by Andrea Lipinski and Andrew Kern

  • The Journey Home
    A Guide to Homer's Odyssey
    ed. by Brian Phillips and Andrew Kern

  • The Space Between
    A Guide to Homer's Iliad
    ed. by Brian Phillips and Andrew Kern