Justin Hall Apr 19, 2019

“Destroy this cathedral,” Jesus said to them. “Destroy it, and I will rebuild it in three days.”

“But it took epochs to build!” they protested. “It took epochs to build, and you’re going to rebuild it in three days? How?”

Joshua Gibbs Apr 16, 2019

Who killed Jesus Christ?

Joshua Gibbs Apr 15, 2019

Today, a great many Protestants and Orthodox Christians watched Notre Dame burn. They sadly and soberly lamentated the loss of a building at once so beautiful and yet so old. By the evening, word came that a portion of the cathedral had been saved. Here was a little relief, though I was reminded of the fire which destroyed St. Sava’s cathedral in Manhattan back in May of 2016. On the day it burned, I spoke about St.

Josh Mayo Apr 15, 2019

There are three kinds of teachers: the tough, the nice, and the charitable.

Joshua Gibbs Apr 12, 2019

Student: What do you think of video games?

Gibbs: Oh, playing a round or two of Tetris every few months is probably not going to kill anyone.

Student: That’s not really what I meant.

Gibbs: I know.

Student: I wanted to know what you thought about video games as a hobby.

Gibbs: You mean the kind of thing which a fellow spends a few hours on every day? The kind of thing which he talks about and thinks about at length?

Student: Yes.

Joshua Gibbs Apr 12, 2019

Having led eight high school classes on trips to New York City, I have developed a fairly tight game plan. This year’s trip to New York came with the first significant rule change in almost a decade: no phones.

Danny Breed Apr 12, 2019

“Cinderella” is neither an allegory nor a gospel story, yet as with all of creation, it reveals aspects of the gospel story in various ways. Just as creation reveals God’s divine nature and eternal power, this tale reflects particular experiences of the universal church that manifest God’s dealings with the church. Within this beloved fairy tale, we see a picture of the endurance, favor, and rescue of the universal church.

Justin Hall Apr 10, 2019

One morning I shadowed a middle-school tour inside the Cleveland Art Museum for half an hour, overhearing the tour guide’s lecture. I had already spent two hours between the medieval and romantic exhibits—a breathtaking experience of history given in full sweep—and now, as though inevitably, I end my round in the late-modern and contemporary gallery. Here I find the group of students sitting on the floor in a huddle, hugging their knees, while a middle-aged woman, the museum tour guide, gestures to a painting behind her.

Jessica Deagle Apr 8, 2019

I love reading and listening to stories. When the stories feel real and true, I love them even more because they make me feel that the longings and dreams I have are not thwarted but possible. They resonate with my heart and propel me to noble behaviors. When I consider David and his sins yet hear God proclaim him as a man after his own heart (because of his willingness to repent), I feel encouraged that I too can pursue the heart of God.

Joshua Gibbs Apr 6, 2019

I have no original thoughts on art. They are all borrowed from Roger Scruton.

McLaren: What do you think of Jackson Pollock?

Gibbs: Not a fan.

McLaren: But he’s a genius.

Gibbs: Interesting you say that. If you were in a conversation with someone who said he wasn’t a fan of Shakespeare, what would you reply?

McLaren: I would say, “What’s wrong with you? Have you never read Hamlet?”