Brian Phillips Mar 13, 2017

Patrick was kidnapped, and sold into slavery on the pagan island of Ireland. Later, when he managed to return to Rome, he was converted to Christianity and God called him to return to Ireland as a missionary. To the dismay of his friends and family, Patrick went, eventually being named bishop of Ireland.

Matt Bianco Mar 13, 2017

Looking to Scripture for examples of how Jesus was taught can be a tricky endeavor. It is my intent both to remain within the bounds of Christian orthodoxy and to learn something from the analogy of Scripture without making it say more than it does. Forgive me when I inevitable fail on either of those two counts.

David Kern Mar 13, 2017

According to Rod Dreher an end is nigh. A flood is coming in the form of a new secular Dark Age,  “There are people alive today,” he writes in his new book, The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation, “who may live to see the effective death of Christianity within our civilization.”  

Joshua Gibbs Mar 9, 2017

Most students enjoy a deep read assignment, like the kind described here, wherein the student is given a small passage of a classic text and asked to compose a lengthy series of questions about it. One question per word makes for a nice ratio. 50 questions about 50 words. 100 questions about 100 words. The ratio could go higher, though.

Greg Wilbur Mar 8, 2017

My sophomore year at the University of Alabama included my first introduction to Music History. Yes, the first introduction—music appreciation or history was not part of my K-12 education.  The first of the college music history classes included the Greeks through the medieval period and on to the Classical period. The overall purpose of music history, as far as I could tell, was to get as quickly as possible to the development of the symphony and beyond, to the instrumental music that is most commonly performed. It’s called the Common Practice Period for a reason.

Joshua Gibbs Mar 8, 2017

Taken from "Blasphemers," available in full on request. 

Joshua Leland Mar 7, 2017

In his thought-provoking article, Individualism: The Root Error of Modernity, George Stanciu proposes that the foundational problem of Modernity lies in the false assumption that everything in the cosmos exists in-and-of-itself. He contrasts this belief with the Medieval assumption that things exist only in relationship. 

Joshua Gibbs Mar 6, 2017

Students believe themselves to have accomplished quite the coup whenever they trick their teachers into going off on a tangent. On the one hand, I suppose I am content for them to believe this, much like Tom Sawyer was content to let his friends pay him to whitewash a fence. On the other hand, a good education is about shedding light on ignorance. I informed a couple of classes last week that classical education does not really acknowledge the existence of unrelated tangents.

David Kern Mar 6, 2017

It's March, which means it's time for March Madness, which means it's time for a new CiRCE literature bracket! This year, we've pitted some of the greatest examples of children's literature up against each other. Thirty-two great children's books, five rounds, all leading to one champion. Or at least one most-favorite book? Either way, there's some hard choices ahead. Best to gear up. 

You can vote here. 

Lindsey Brigham Mar 6, 2017

What was the most significant thought or skill that you learned in this study?

What was the least significant thought or skill that you learned in this study?

What did I do in presenting this that furthered your learning?

What did I do in presenting this that obstructed your learning? 

What line or passage moved you the most in this reading?

What from this study do you want to remember?

What advice would you give next year’s students in studying this?