Brian Phillips May 30, 2017

Peter Leithart’s survey of the Gospels, The Four, models what it means to read Scripture iconically – that is, paying attention to the images, connections, and echoes found throughout. In his chapter on St. John’s gospel, Leithart mentions, almost in passing, that one could view the book as a walk through the tabernacle. And upon close inspection, it seems clear that this is yet one more beautiful thread John weaves throughout his writing.

Greg Wilbur May 30, 2017

The idea of consonance reaches far beyond the idea of pleasant sounds or music. To be sure, consonance in music can be readily expressed and comprehended—partly because we have an innate sense of what accord or agreement should be. However, consonance, or harmoniousness, is a principle that pertains to much of life: health, relationships, society, and spiritual life.

Andrew Kern May 25, 2017

People don't rise from the dead very often, though it has happened a few times. They don't often ascend to heaven either, though, again, there are a few accounts of it happening. 

However, only once has anybody descended into hades, been raised from the dead, and then ascended into heaven in triumph, whence He could distribute the gifts of His triumph to His people.  

Jeremy Wagner May 22, 2017

Which is more important: teaching classically or teaching in accordance with reality?

Heidi White May 19, 2017

It is said that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who distill people into two kinds of people, and those who do not.

Joshua Gibbs May 18, 2017

Yesterday, I said this:

"What I have to say, I have to say to the fellows. But ladies, you should eavesdrop.

Brian Phillips May 15, 2017

Right now, most schools are drawing to a close and headmaster needs for next year are known. Students can think of nothing but summer break (bursting through the front doors singing, "Schooooool's out for summer!"), and the teachers feel roughly the same, but more so. For school boards and other governing bodies, however, the work is just beginning. Those searching for headmasters will sort through resumes and CVs, host personal and Skype interviews, hold marathon meetings, and do their best to wisely fill the vacancies of their school. In other words, the search is on!

Aaron Ames May 15, 2017

When we are born, once we establish security of life, we immediately turn to an insatiable desire for play, and the insatiable desire to play together.  We see it in puppies and kittens, and certainly our own children.  And if this repetitive pattern in the nature of our young is not a cunning trick, then I do not know what else it to mean other than that we are fundamentally, at our very core, creatures of play.  

Heidi White May 13, 2017

I ran into an acquaintance this weekend. As we chatted, she commented, “I’ve seen your articles on Facebook, but I’ve never read them because I know that writing is just what you do. I would rather get to know who you are.” Puzzled, I noticed that she smiled and touched my arm as she said it, which convinced me that she meant this as a compliment. Instead, I felt dismissed, since writing is both what I do and who I am.

It is a pernicious lie that what we do diverges from who we are.

Lindsey Brigham Knott May 11, 2017

On our last day of school, I read the following letter aloud to my class of seniors, for whom it was written.