Matthew Prechter Jul 8, 2019

“Two loves, then, have made two cities. Love of self, even to the point of contempt for God, made the earthly city, and love of God, even to the point of contempt for self, made the heavenly city. Thus the former glories in itself, and the latter glories in the Lord. The former seeks its glory from men, but the latter finds its highest glory in God, the witness of our conscience.” (City of God, Book XIV)

Joshua Gibbs Jul 6, 2019

In the same way the priest repairs behind the iconostasis to consecrate the bread and wine, so a celebrant of the birthday party repairs to the kitchen to consecrate the cake. The cake is ritually transformed into the body of the birthday boy or birthday girl through the lighting of candles. For every year the birthday boy has lived, one candle is lit. When all the candles are lit, the cake has become an icon of the birthday boy. The celebrant then ritually processes out from behind the iconostasis/kitchen toward the congregation of the party.

Andrew Kern Jul 4, 2019

A great deal is made of "critical thinking" in the general background noise of our culture, especially when people talk about education and what kids aren't getting.

I got thinking about that while I was listening closely to a John Denver song on my way in to work this morning. Being a John Denver song it was filled with lofty ideals and longing and very little connection to the real world where decisions are made and have consequences.

This one was about children and the chorus goes:

Joshua Gibbs Jul 4, 2019

Student: Why do you let your kids read Harry Potter books?

Gibbs: Why not?

Student: St. Augustine would not have let his kids read books which made wizards out to be heroes. He would have burned those books just like the Ephesian Christians burned their books of magic in Acts 19.

Gibbs: Finally! A good argument against the Harry Potter series.

Student: What do you mean, “Finally”?

Kristen Rudd Jul 3, 2019

That’s it, people. It is summer. Finally. We are done with the school year!

Facebook is full of last day of school pics and videos of kids jumping into the pool for the first time this season. Grills have had the spring pollen dusted off and are being put to perpetual use. Burgers, chlorine, cut grass, and sunscreen are now the scents of summertime. There are parties and graduation ceremonies, and countless homeschool moms have collapsed onto the floor, saying, “We did it.”

Andrew Kern Jul 2, 2019

The formal structure of reality, the foundation on which everything is based, enables you to think more clearly about anything.

In every experience, moral, artistic, athletic, philosophical, even spiritual, there are three participants:

The actor, artist, or producer

The audience, viewer, or percipient (i.e., one who perceives with his senses)

The action, object, or artifact

Neither of these three is the master of the experience, none is the standard by which the experience is measured.

Andrew Kern Jun 29, 2019

Every lesson we teach embodies a theory of authority:

  • About the teacher's authority
  • About the lesson's authority
  • About the student's authority
  • About what authority itself is

The purpose of what I can consider "a true lesson" is to give authority to the person learning it.

The essence of a lesson is, therefore, the handing on of authority from a magister (teacher) or auctoritas (author, authority) to the discipulus (learner, disciple).

CiRCE Staff Jun 25, 2019

The CiRCE Institute cordially invites you to a 4th of July Extravaganza Old-time Family Picnic! Join us for good food, a bounce house, kids games, kid-friendly fireworks, a bonfire, and much more. 

When: Saturday, July 6th, 2019 @ 4:30 pm

Where: Hardin Farm, 4501 Gold Hill Road, Concord NC, 28025

To RSVP click here.

There is no set cost. Pay what you can, if you can. No pressure. Just come and have a good time if you can't afford to pay. 

Joshua Gibbs Jun 23, 2019

A dialogue between a manager at Food Country and a seventeen year old boy who has applied for a job. 

Food Country Manager: Sorry, but based on the way your tests came back, I cannot offer you a job.

Kid: Why not? I couldn’t have failed the drug test.

FCM: Your drug test was fine, but your light scan came back hot.

Kid: My light scan?

FCM: The retina scan they did after you peed in the cup.

Kid: Yeah, what was that about?  

Joshua Gibbs Jun 20, 2019

Like most practical and common-sense claims, my thesis is also a little offensive: In the classroom, teachers should dress like teachers.

Reflexively, the reply comes: But who gets to say what a teacher looks like?