Joshua Gibbs Dec 15, 2020

The latest episode of Proverbial is devoted to a saying from The Divine Comedy that the modern Christian finds particularly knotty (and naughty, perhaps):

“Fame, without which man’s life wastes out of mind,

Leaving on earth no more memorial than foam in water,

Or smoke upon the wind.”

Ryan Klein Dec 10, 2020

As I sat at my desk one evening grading papers, I got stuck on a poem. It was the final paper in a stack I’d been working on for nine hours. I stared and stared at it. I read it aloud once, twice, three times. I counted the syllables in each line. I wrote out the rhyme scheme. I walked away and came back. I read it aloud again. And I just could not tell what it was saying. 

Joshua Gibbs Dec 9, 2020

If you have read this column with any sort of regularity over the last several years, you have indirectly benefitted from the work of Harold Budd, who passed away on December 8th at the age of 84. Harold Budd is one of perhaps just three musicians who I listen to while writing. He was my regular companion while drafting essays on pedagogy, tradition, and classic literature.

James Ranieri Dec 8, 2020

“Knowledge is power” is a quote often attributed to Francis Bacon, and its sentiment is responsible for much of the dissolution of our modern souls. 

Joshua Gibbs Dec 7, 2020

Tom: I got to Fillmore High. Where do you go?

Harry: I go to Trinity Covenant, but I’m not one of those private school kids.

Tom: Which ones?

Harry: I’m not one of those private school kids who thinks he’s better than everyone else.

Tom: Is that what most of the kids at your school are like?

Harry: Yeah. Most private school kids are like that.

Tom: So, you’re claiming that you are better than most of the kids who go to your school?

Harry: I mean, I’m not like them.

Tom: Not like them in a good way or a bad way?

Brian Phillips Dec 5, 2020

December 6th is the feast of St. Nicholas!

Santa Claus stands as a centerpiece of the Christmas season and though the feast of Saint Nicholas lasts but one day (December 6th), the Santa frenzy will continue through the holidays.  Children around the world will find it hard to sleep, anxiously waiting for him to swoop down the chimney, leaving presents under the tree.  But, where did the idea of gifts from jolly ole Saint Nick come from?  The tradition stems from an event that vividly displays the “gentler side” of Saint Nicholas.

Joshua Gibbs Dec 3, 2020

How do non-classical families end up at classical schools?

Karen Harris Dec 3, 2020

Through repentance one begins to learn the beauty of mathematics, and that process brings order and freedom. J.R.R. Tolkein said, “The essence of education is repentance.” It seems that, among other educational disciplines, the process of learning mathematics is uniquely humbling. One begins, teacher or student, with the humiliation of ignorance - I do not know what to do, nor how to do it. We naturally fight against anything that reveals either what we do not know or what we cannot understand.

Julie Malecki Dec 1, 2020

Homeschooling is hard. Mothering is hard. Sometimes, life is hard. For some time, I have felt called to reach out to mothers of teens to speak encouragement, breathe life and bolster courage in their hearts, and mine. I searched many quotations looking for the right words and couldn’t find what I was looking for until these words popped into my head one Saturday morning as I watched The Crown with my sick husband. “Once more unto the breach, my friends.” I thought it was a Winston Churchill quote but…it’s Shakespeare!

Travis Copeland Nov 25, 2020

Wonder is one of the great delights in literature. It is invoked when a reader must struggle to distinguish between the imaginative and reality. One of literature’s wonders is its ability to draw attention to ordinary things with new alluring light. Long walks, small conversations, little annoyances and desires, and hospitality’s eating and drinking are all wonderfully common things in literature. The stuff of everyday life draws our imaginations into the larger tale.