Justin Hall Apr 19, 2019

“Destroy this cathedral,” Jesus said to them. “Destroy it, and I will rebuild it in three days.”

“But it took epochs to build!” they protested. “It took epochs to build, and you’re going to rebuild it in three days? How?”

Brian Phillips Apr 25, 2017

In John 20, Mary Magdalene goes to Jesus’ tomb twice. The first time, she goes to anoint the body of Jesus (Mark 16:1), only to find the stone rolled back. Assuming that the enemies of Jesus had moved the body as one last insult, Mary ran to find the disciples, bringing Peter and John back with her.

Lindsey Brigham Knott Apr 2, 2015

The year 381 witnessed the writing of a most high and hearty poem. Squeezing cosmic scope into twenty-seven lines, it spoke of an almighty Father, of things visible and invisible, of an unending kingdom, of people awaiting the resurrection of the dead. The poets were theologians; the occasion was the Second Church Council; the poem was the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed.