Dr. Matthew Bianco Apr 23, 2020

I want a classical education, desperately. Together, my wife and I have given one to our three children, all of whom have continued in it to one degree or another. They all have seemed to thrive in it, too. I did not get a classical education. I have, to some extent, recovered one over the years, although sometimes it feels more like I've gotten an education that is about classical education rather than one that is itself classical. 

Carrie Eben Jan 28, 2020

I typically expect to be a little depressed in January. It is my least favorite month of the year and misplaced Christmas-season expectations often leave me feeling empty, cranky, and ashamed. It is possible after a cheerful glass of mulled wine I may have jokingly expressed to my family that “Christmas in THIS house would not happen without me. I am Christmas. Just lay me in that manager.” This terrible confession is true.

CiRCE Staff Feb 27, 2017

Have you pondered joining a CiRCE Apprenticeship? Would you like to talk with someone who has? Join program director, Cathy Rape, on March 3rd at 8:00 pm EST, as she discusses this mentoring community with a recent graduate and a current apprentice.  Time will be reserved at the end to answer questions. 

Cathy Rape Jan 23, 2015

Dear Fellow Classical Educator,

The noblest aim of Christian Classical Education is to cultivate wisdom and virtue in students. In order equip teachers to this end, The CiRCE Institute mentors teachers in the art of classical instruction. As you consider ways to develop excellence in your teaching, we invite you to discover the CiRCE Apprenticeship.

Graeme Pitman Mar 7, 2014

Our East Coast Winter Apprenticeship Retreat took place at Camp Canaan, a 100 acre island nestled in the Catawba river near Rock Hill, South Carolina. This idyllic setting was the backdrop for vigorous mimetic and socratic practice teaching, engaging conversation, and delicious food. Here are some photos briefly documenting a few days. 

Cathy Rape Feb 12, 2014

As a recent graduate of the CiRCE Apprenticeship, I’m exceedingly grateful to have received the tools with which I can truly nurture the souls of my students with confidence. I can't overstate the value of having been part of a community of fellow educators engaged in ongoing conversations about the nature and art of teaching.  Its now my privilege to be part of the work of extending this opportunity to others.