Andrew Kern Nov 11, 2020

There is a sweet disposition that wants justice to arise from good intentions and to be executed in a world full of sweetness and harmony. The yearning is for a justice that is never opposed. 

Andrew Kern Apr 22, 2020

Some people spend too much time thinking about their goals, their dreams, their visions, etc.

Other people spend too much time thinking about their obstacles, their problems, their immediate activities.

I believe we should spend enough time thinking about our goals to figure out what they are, to say, "this is what we should do today" or "this is what we should do this week" or "this is what we should do this quarter". And then we should spend most of our time thinking about how best to act and acting. 

Andrew Kern Apr 7, 2020

I said yesterday that today I would address the matter of discordance. And now I have. But like anybody anywhere, I can't always do what I intend on a given day.

I used to think that leaders had more control of their time than non-leaders. 

What an uninformed thought. 

I want everybody to attend every meeting they need to attend. Then I attended a meeting that lasted through another one and well beyond it. 

Andrew Kern Apr 6, 2020

This morning an article was posted on the website, Axios, pointing out that CEO's from across the nation are meeting with the White House and "in private conversations and pleas to President Trump, are warning of economic catastrophe if American doesn't begin planning for a phased return to work as soon as May."

One line in particular drove home the dilemma of the article to me: 

"Several are debating going public with this concern, but fear the optics and timing look discordant."

Andrew Kern May 22, 2015

If you are older than ten years old, you are a leader.

Leadership at its most essential is the act of shouldering the responsibility to make and implement decisions that affect other people. There are many other elements, like the ability to inspire, setting direction, etc., but those are all refinements of either making decisions or implementing them. 

Andrew Kern Dec 10, 2013

"My job really was to find my successors. I found them, they are there; their job is to find their successors. So there must be this continuous renewal of talented, dedicated, honest, able people who will do things not for themselves but for their people and for their country. If they can do that, they will carry on for another one generation and so it goes on. The moment that breaks, it's gone."

Lee Kuan Yew
PM of Singapore

Andrew Kern Apr 17, 2013

As I have worked with and observed schools over the past twenty years, I have become ever more concerned about the degree to which the infinite and immortal souls of the children who attend them are treated as tertiary matters (maybe, at a good school, secondary) by the school leadership. What keeps leaders up at night seems to be whether enough parents will enroll their students to pay for the building program or whether the bills will be paid.