Dr. Matthew Bianco Dec 1, 2021

In a blog post about sports, let me first begin by quoting C.S. Lewis on textbooks.

Jessica Deagle Sep 12, 2018

There’s a diligence to swimming in the mornings. There’s a willingness in rising early to suit up and shake off the solemnity of slumber in order to make your body do something it doesn’t want to do. There’s an accomplishment to the training, the exercising, the stroking, the breathing, the kicking. The reach of the stroke seems to express the metaphor of one reaching toward the new day. “I’m ready for you,” it says. “I’m coming for you and I’m intentional in my pace.”

Cindy Rollins Mar 18, 2014

Last month I wrote about the future of my own quest for knowledge.  In the center of the post was a quote by Charlotte Mason:

 “The question is not, how much does the youth know when he has finished his education, but how much does he care?” 

These words have haunted me all month. In fact, they have given me much hope, despair, and fodder for the mind.  I hope you do not mind if I write about some of my thoughts as part of The Great Conversation.

Joshua Gibbs Dec 6, 2013

“My son likes your class, but what he really loves is soccer.” From time to time I hear a parent make this remark during a parent-teacher conference, although it never comes as a surprise. Sports are on the hearts of the students. Students have taught themselves sports diligently. Students talk of sports when they sit in their houses, when they walk by the way, when the lie down and when they rise up.